An Extra Christmas Carol - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 8, 2018


  • TheOzarkWizard
    TheOzarkWizard  8 months ago +1950

    that seemed more of an excuse than a skit

    FAN VIDS  8 months ago +103

    The 4 lessons to learn this Xmas:
    - Cherishing the past
    - Valuing the present
    - Envisioning the future
    - Boy why u so extra?

  • serene2681
    serene2681  8 months ago +224

    I love the people on here, criticizing his physique!! On his WORST day, you wouldn't even get CLOSE to looking like that!! The man is perfection!!

  • Jessa Hill
    Jessa Hill  8 months ago +768

    I think all the J. Momoa skits just wanted him to be shirtless...

  • Anahi Gomez
    Anahi Gomez  8 months ago +197

    "Its call a reveal you fathead"

  • Lana Krajcer
    Lana Krajcer  8 months ago +648

    "Are you some kind of an extra spirit?"
    "Exactly, I'm oh so much more extra"

  • luckyDancer100
    luckyDancer100  8 months ago +48

    “You took off a cape and had another cape on underneath... what’s to get!?” Lmao

  • Andrew Ang
    Andrew Ang  8 months ago +436

    "Twerk with me tiny tim!" Lolol

  • Star Cherry
    Star Cherry  8 months ago +674

    Someone was getting really excited in the audience 😹👏

  • S
    S  8 months ago +732

    Hahaha Momoa over-achieved as host. All sketches great. Well done brother!! 😂😂

  • AxeKick80
    AxeKick80  8 months ago +74

    Jason’s Momilkshake brings all the spirits to the yard.

  • chai xiong
    chai xiong  8 months ago +543

    Who wrote this flimsy excuse of a skit to get Extra Momoa!? Who!!! Was it Ady!?

  • solo chrome
    solo chrome  8 months ago +663

    lmao at Kate at the end, stuck between two twerking men

  • Chunkboi
    Chunkboi  8 months ago +107

    Clearly this skit was for the ladies, but Jason was having way too much fun here.

  • Omair Khan
    Omair Khan  8 months ago +139

    Mamoa cure the crippled girl he also cure depression! God knows what else he can cure!!!

  • Ms Kendyll
    Ms Kendyll  8 months ago +277

    Um... Him dancing in the curtain made me really love Jason. Lol

  • Amy K
    Amy K  8 months ago +509

    Boy, why you so extra😂

  • keen
    keen  8 months ago +417

    He would make a fierce drag queen

  • Sugar Skulls
    Sugar Skulls  8 months ago +292

    Jason Mamoa is the Male Version of Shakira!! DEM HIPS DON'T LIE

  • Black Benny Bouvier Desmond

    Jason Momoa is feeling his oats like a quaker and I'm here for it.