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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018
  • The HOUSE vs the REST in a Penalty Shootout...featuring Tobi's relative.

    Tobi's Relative:
    • Sidemen:
    • Sidemen Clothing:
    Have an idea for a compilation/montage, let us know below!


    ● Miniminter:
    ● Zerkaa:
    ● Behzinga:
    ● Vikkstar123:
    ● TBJZL:
    ● Wroetoshaw:
    ● KSI:


  • Erix Lopex
    Erix Lopex  3 days ago +1

    What song when Harry dabs

  • Antony Tome
    Antony Tome  7 days ago

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  • Ben Reid
    Ben Reid  7 days ago

    'I'm calling a retake' shut up you big virgin

  • Fish Edits
    Fish Edits  7 days ago

    Seems like they didn't put his link in the description... Rip Jed :0

  • Shaibal Roy
    Shaibal Roy  14 days ago

    Man credited Jed as Tobi's relative lmfao

  • Isatu Turay
    Isatu Turay  21 days ago

    my sister thinks there is a sam in the sidemen

  • A F
    A F  21 days ago

    I'm from iran and Vick was just dissapointing fuck you man😑

  • Enrique Lizarraga
    Enrique Lizarraga  28 days ago

    Awesome video sidemen ⚽️!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shady
    Shady  a months ago

    Little did Ethan know

  • BenF
    BenF  a months ago

    Anyone else feel bad for vik

  • GogiSensei
    GogiSensei  a months ago

    Is this a fan made channel or did the sidemen make it??

  • Ky
    Ky  a months ago

    I swear Harry always wins rock paper scissors😂

  • RoyaLP
    RoyaLP  a months ago +1

    Vik wearing an Iran kit : "I ran now, I ran"

  • Charlie Willis
    Charlie Willis  2 months ago

    Don’t worry vick u did better then Jj’s first one

  • Terrel Londola
    Terrel Londola  2 months ago

    I bet you vick got gassed cause his shot was on target

  • Karl Batungbacal
    Karl Batungbacal  2 months ago

    What the heck is the song at 1:33? I know it's a remix of bobby schmurda's

  • MAGER gaming
    MAGER gaming  2 months ago

    toby is to good

  • Ryan Reid
    Ryan Reid  2 months ago +2

    Harry have you forgot you had a channel you never upload

  • cara ._.
    cara ._.  2 months ago

    What does the XIX stand for???

  • Ma Boiii
    Ma Boiii  2 months ago

    1:06 josh is doing the nazi salute... well kinda