'Dreams' Beautiful Chillstep Mix

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 23, 2019
  • Perfect study music or background music, enjoy!


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    Artwork - https://www.deviantart.com/t1na/art/Lunar-732231388

    ♫ Tracklist;

    ►0:00 - Wayr - Silent Thinking
    ►5:00 - Kaisaku - Glossy Heart
    ►10:40 - Nomyn - Promise
    ►13:40 - Michael FK - Abaft
    ►17:15 - Dimatis - Mists
    ►20:23 - Kaisaku - The Facade of a Smiling Face
    ►25:15 - AK - Night Drive
    ►29:07 - AK - We're Older Now
    ►32:40 - Sappheiros - Passion (Day 7 Remix)
    ►38:09 - Michael FK - Selene
    ►42:30 - Dimatis - What Awaits Us
    ►45:40 - Isolated - Ages
    ►48:29 - Faodail - Northbound
    ►52:42 - AK & Sublab - Horizon
    ►57:23 - Sappheiros - Fading (Remake)

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  • Michael FK
    Michael FK  9 months ago +271

    This is the kind of mix you would listen as you're strolling through a city of lights and wonders in slow motion. Admiring the ambience, people walking around you along a snowy street, stars and the moon being so bright and beautiful. Really glad to hear some of my tracks in this beautiful mix! Thank you MixHound. Like for this amazing guy!

  • Shuying
    Shuying  yesterday +1

    It truly feels like I’m in a different world

  • Emily Arends
    Emily Arends  4 days ago

    What’s the first one called?

  • TheAwakenedINFJ
    TheAwakenedINFJ  7 days ago

    How can people STUDY and do right brain activity to pieces of art? Jeez. It's all about touching the life throbbing within, the emotional and mental healing and meeting of heart and mind. Going beyond that, into the beingness of existence. It's like sitting doing math when Hans Zimmer and Orchestra is playing live and you are right there.

  • katelyn ast
    katelyn ast  7 days ago

    Clapping isn't relaxing

  • Masoud Garazhian
    Masoud Garazhian  14 days ago

    Omg that 25:30 section is F stunning me from coding

  • Nicholas Hickam
    Nicholas Hickam  14 days ago

    At 27:27 the song sounds like you used 'Untitled by Sigur Ros' as a background track and edited it. Sounds nice!

  • Fillup 40
    Fillup 40  14 days ago


  • CallMeWolf
    CallMeWolf  14 days ago

    Great mix. Thank you.

  • Sunny Ana Molinero

    Just amazing 🙏💕

  • Николай Медведев

    хуета унылая

  • Richard Rahl
    Richard Rahl  1 months ago

    " Video onderbroken. Wil je verder kijken?" Of course I don't want to watch this! Why would I want to watch something I just put on!

  • John-Paul L
    John-Paul L  1 months ago

    Just finished up this music. Amazing, 🥰 😉

  • shoshariii
    shoshariii  1 months ago

    Play this as you wake up at a low volume. Perfect it’s currently 7;30am

  • Zbinden Dominik
    Zbinden Dominik  1 months ago

    I can see myself flying over a valley, through the clouds I dive. Then a tropical forest like the amazonas reveals itself. Gently touching the tip of the trees, hoovering in slow motion just above the trees.

  • Mr. Zero
    Mr. Zero  1 months ago


  • nuala ryan
    nuala ryan  1 months ago +1

    My 3year old little girl loves your backdrop images! I love the chill music, keep it coming :)

  • crum lee
    crum lee  1 months ago +8

    Feels like like I’m home and so far away at the same time.

  • Jacob King
    Jacob King  2 months ago +1

    Thank so much chills my anxiety

  • Jakub Celý
    Jakub Celý  2 months ago

    Very beautiful.