'Dreams' Beautiful Chillstep Mix

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 23, 2019
  • Perfect study music or background music, enjoy!⇩⇩⇩Like me on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MixhoundFollow me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/MixhoundFollow me on Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/mixhoundArtwork - https://www.deviantart.com/t1na/art/L...♫ Tracklist; ►0:00 - Wayr - Silent Thinking►5:00 - Kaisaku - Glossy Heart►10:40 - Nomyn - Promise►13:40 - Michael FK - Abaft►17:15 - Dimatis - Mists►20:23 - Kaisaku - The Facade of a Smiling Face►25:15 - AK - Night Drive ►29:07 - AK - We're Older Now►32:40 - Sappheiros - Passion (Day 7 Remix)►38:09 - Michael FK - Selene►42:30 - Dimatis - What Awaits Us►45:40 - Isolated - Ages►48:29 - Faodail - Northbound►52:42 - AK & Sublab - Horizon►57:23 - Sappheiros - Fading (Remake)#chillstep #chillstepmix #studymusicShare it around if you enjoyed it, leave a like and a comment, also, if you want to hear more, hit subscribe to stay up to date!Study / Study Music / Study Mix / Background Music


  • Michael FK
    Michael FK  5 months ago +188

    This is the kind of mix you would listen as you're strolling through a city of lights and wonders in slow motion. Admiring the ambience, people walking around you along a snowy street, stars and the moon being so bright and beautiful. Really glad to hear some of my tracks in this beautiful mix! Thank you MixHound. Like for this amazing guy!

  • MixHound
    MixHound  5 months ago +104

    Really happy with how this one turned out, hope you all enjoy <3

  • Stephanie Blaszak
    Stephanie Blaszak  3 months ago +16

    This is amazing and really shows the power that music has. I co-teach a special needs 2nd grade class and it calms the students down almost instantly! It calms us adults too lol!!

  • MixHound
    MixHound  5 months ago +41

    Have a chill weekend! ❄️

  • ibdriven
    ibdriven  4 months ago +22

    The stars are not so far away. Life is beautiful, you are beautiful! Your moments of despair will fade and sunshine will pour through you. Peace, prosperity, happiness and love to you and stay driven in life. 1

  • Trevor
    Trevor  5 months ago +37

    I seriously just want to drift away to the stars and beyond while listening to this music. The best genre of music ever <3

  • Justin Jet Zorbas
    Justin Jet Zorbas  4 months ago +2

    Love it <3 Great mix as always :)

  • Mute Magpie
    Mute Magpie  4 months ago +12

    An amazing mix, as always. Thanks, MixHound!
    You are an inspiration.

  • Sparx Cross The Writer
    Sparx Cross The Writer  4 months ago +10

    The chill of the night air bit into her bones, but she paid it no mind. She stared off into the lit sky, wondering about nothing . . . wonder about everything. As she imagined the world in her eyes, she could see a tower in the distance, surrounded by immense trees. The sight was lovely. Small globes of light lit a path to the tower, but she only stood and stared. Small wisps of silver thread floated down, followed slowly by tiny moons. The moons glowed, as did her thoughts. Suddenly, her vision changed. Now, the once grassy land, had been replaced by water. The surface was an exact replica of glass, and the moons rested softly on it, as if they were asleep. The girl stood stranded on an island of ice, the only light the still-present bulbs that once would have led her to the tower. Almost instantly, tiny luminescent specks appeared under the surface of the water. They were surrounded by halos of light. The girl stared down at them, thinking. How could she get off this isolated island? How could she get to the safety of the tower? At once, the idea came to her, and as soon as she thought it, the specks of light obeyed, leading the way across the water. She hesitated, hoping -- no, praying, she wasn't making a mistake. As she stepped onto the water, she felt it give way, but she didn't sway. Her courage was stronger than that. A small halo -- the smallest of them all -- rounded back to her. She placed her sinking foot onto the halo, and her feeling of courage was replaced with sheer joy. The halo brought her to the edge of the water, where she placed her freezing bare feet, onto warm, green grass. Then, she walked to the tower, and started the climb.
    Hey, if you made it this far, congrats and thanks! Hope you enjoyed!
    Your girl,
    ~ Sparx

    HERPxDERPIN  2 months ago +6

    you know, was slightly depressed, now i feel completely at ease and refreshed after listening to this mix. truly thankful for the mix.

  • hermit
    hermit  3 months ago +2

    thank you for making music, helps a lot

  • Red Dogg
    Red Dogg  3 months ago +1

    awesome matches dood, nice to see you on tourni - keep going bro

  • Def3at
    Def3at  4 months ago +7

    Is there like a submission form to submit one of my songs? I would really love that 🐇💜

  • david guadalupetorres
    david guadalupetorres  4 months ago +1

    to me this feels as if myself thinking about life and where we come from this picture i see the person looking at life itself idk my 2 cent

  • marc
    marc  14 days ago +1

    I love this mix
    But can somwehre maybe tell me where i can find the picture so beautiful

    TALL DRAGON  4 months ago +1


  • Day 7
    Day 7  5 months ago +12

    Thanks for the feature man, always an honor to be in a mix with great artists!

    BOT BOB  5 months ago +1

    Finally new chillstep mix :D

  • rauls0593
    rauls0593  4 months ago +12

    Its beautiful.
    I can image living in that world.

  • Josh Wright
    Josh Wright  4 months ago +1

    Amazing relaxing mixing emotional 💣 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥