Ricky Gervais takes his Emmy back

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 21, 2008
  • Digg: http://digg.com/television/Ricky_Gerv...Ricky Gervais takes his Emmy back from Steve Carell during the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards (edited; only includes essential parts).


  • Megult  3 years ago

    Steve Carell is such a briljant actor, wow, normally keeping a straight face requires people a couple of takes, but he just keeps it up live. Incredible.

  • Dan Lundberg  12 days ago

    Steve is known for keeping a straight face during bloopers when the co actor breaks down and he just keeps going with his lines

  • telanis9  24 days ago

    @Elimenez13. J you have the brain capacity of a taxidermied squirrel

  • thats what Michael Scott would have done

  • SENSEI PETTEN  16 days ago

    Lol. That night, he wasn't Michael Scott, he was secret agent, Michael Scarn😉😂

  • prison mike would have let the dementors kill Ricky

  • pmarion  2 years ago

    "the shoddy remake" joke kind of flew right over the top of the heads of the crowd...

  • bon2yan88  yesterday

    aaahhh the accuracy #theoffice

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  • Frankincensed  3 years ago

    I love how Carrell always plays the pissed guy when Gervais rags on him. So many thinking he's really upset. Brilliant. lmao

  • Frankincensed nobody thinks that, karen

  • Ross  3 years ago

    Ricky's joke about a shoddy remake was brilliant, deserved a lot more applause

  • simonorwell  14 days ago

    at what time is it

  • Paolo H  24 days ago

    @riz h - Completely different but Ricky doesn't care because...well, US syndication!

  • Moe Emad  3 years ago

    I know it was an act, but damn it was so awkward i wanted to turn it off. Brilliant!

  • Felt like The Office again!!!

  • the next guy  2 months ago

    It was almost as awkward as Scott tots

  • Ömür Seçkin  3 years ago

    "i sat through Evan Almighty"surely he deserves an award for that...

  • Corey Mullis  1 months ago

    @Fostix No it was great

  • Corey Mullis  1 months ago

    Great movie, it's so good it makes you forget Jim Carey's version.

  • Barrios Groupie  3 years ago

    See, Americans do get the British humour.

  • @Ruch Kodi my point is proven fatty.

  • Ruch Kodi  12 days ago

    @THE TWO FINGERED BRUTE crippled beef more like crippling depression

  • Tom Stuart  2 years ago

    Colbert and Stewart dying over there cracked me up so bad.

  • Morph 1981  4 months ago

    @Arnav you are the liberal snowflake. Snowy.

  • Matija Jurić  6 months ago

    +Avery Johnson its _biased_ and people are allowed to fight against manipulation of stupid and cruel uneducated incels with humor..

  • Felipe Edoardo  2 years ago

    Steve had the hardest time not laughing.

  • ramirobot  2 years ago

    Saddest TWSS ever.

  • mohammad shaheen  2 years ago

    that's what she said.