Can You Answer These 16 Easy Questions With A Twist? 😉

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 12, 2019
  • Hey, guys! It's time to check your IQ and test your logical skills! Can you answer these 16 easy questions with a twist? If you have an average IQ, you can crack at least half of these riddles! If you need a boost of energy when you just woke up, then you're welcome to solve some of these tricky riddles and puzzle quizzes. Try to use all your intelligence and imagination, and you'll find the right answer easily!

    00:14 - Which model is a man? Here is a portion of the best comments to this tricky puzzle!
    02:02 - What should she choose to survive in Antarctica? A logic riddle that will make you think twice and increase your knowledge!
    03:49 - It was the annual beauty contest in the city. One of the contestants Lisa was killed in the dressing room! Who did it? Detective, use all your logical skills and critical thinking to solve this case!
    05:13 - On Monday afternoon, someone killed a cleaning lady in the school. Who is the killer? Try to solve this criminal case and find the right answer before the time is up!
    05:56 - Here is a set of visual puzzles to boost your brain power and increase your attentiveness! Share your answers to the last puzzle in the comments :)
    07:09 - A blood-freezing crime riddle that will blow your mind! Who killed the twins? Solve this case and find the killer!
    08:03 - Try to guess who is a man? A small portion of visual puzzles to test your logical thinking and attentiveness!
    09:34 - Wake up your inner detective and test your logical skills with this tricky brain teaser! You need to find out who is a thief!
    10:39 - Wake up your brain and boost your thinking with this short quiz! Guess who is a man!

    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many answers you got right!

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  • 7-Second Riddles
    7-Second Riddles  4 months ago +83

    06:51 - Who is a fake doctor? 😯 What do you guys think?

  • Uma Uma
    Uma Uma  3 days ago

    Answer is c

  • Leizel Diaz
    Leizel Diaz  7 days ago

    Later a

  • Heyssel Ponce
    Heyssel Ponce  1 months ago +1

    Its the girl wearing purple because look at her name tack her hair is like a boy

  • Mike Asllani
    Mike Asllani  2 months ago

    6:49 Pretty much everyone says the lady on the right, and I agree. Also, people are tired of seeing this riddle. She graduated in 2029, it's 2019.

    9:15 On the right. It's not everyday you see a "woman" with an ID of a man that says "Ted Conner"

  • Josephine Bejo
    Josephine Bejo  2 months ago

    I think c bocous not have a hair

  • uu star
    uu star  3 months ago

    A because of his cabs

  • Srivatsa Vishwanath
    Srivatsa Vishwanath  3 months ago

    the right one she seems scared of the injury of her patient

  • Galaxy Panda28
    Galaxy Panda28  3 months ago

    11:30 the person on the right is also a man because there is blond hair underneath the wig

  • Liz Alba
    Liz Alba  3 months ago


  • Jennifer Weaver
    Jennifer Weaver  3 months ago

    9:32 very right look at her or should I say his name tag it says Ted Conner

  • J. A
    J. A  3 months ago

    These "who is a man?" riddles are so ignorant and misinformed. They should do themselves a favor and scrap those riddles.

  • nayla Civil
    nayla Civil  3 months ago

    Who is a 🚹 the 3 1 it shows a 🚹

  • Cristina Rusu
    Cristina Rusu  3 months ago

    The last one is pretty cool 👍😅😇

  • Gcarlast Infante
    Gcarlast Infante  3 months ago

    The second one is the fake doctor because she graduated in 2029 which is 10 years from now which means she set up a fake office.

  • Kath Bachoco
    Kath Bachoco  3 months ago

    I think no more hair C !

  • Gemmyah Smith
    Gemmyah Smith  3 months ago

    I think t is B because look at the arms and where there hands are positioned they might be fixing there wig

  • Sarah Diaz
    Sarah Diaz  3 months ago

    For the first one who said A because her butt is small, ANYONES butt can be small lmaooo

  • Lavanya Parthiban
    Lavanya Parthiban  3 months ago

    7:00 That means the doctor on the right is studying in class 2 this year!!!