Mentalist Lior Suchard Bends Time for America Ferrara & Jeremy Piven

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 25, 2017
  • James welcomes the world's greatest mentalist, Lior Suchard, to perform with America Ferrara, Jeremy Piven and The Late Late Show audiences. From glow sticks to predicting time, Lior stole the show, blowing everyone's minds more than once.

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  • Frenz7y
    Frenz7y  12 hours ago

    this shit has to be faked, notice 6:43 he stops his hand at the same angle in which he stopped 1st time.

  • Michael Basumatary

    He's a magician not a mentalist

    BLITZ  3 days ago

    I believe they arent in on the trick, but I also dont believe hes not getting help from someone/somewhere

  • Sage Searwar
    Sage Searwar  4 days ago +4


  • John Smith
    John Smith  5 days ago +1

    It’s all fake bullsh$t, wake up...

  • Quốc Vinh
    Quốc Vinh  6 days ago

    i wonder if he can predict lottery numbers

  • Ado Pixi YT
    Ado Pixi YT  7 days ago


  • Anthony D
    Anthony D  7 days ago +3

    The ladies in the audience part ruined it for me. A: It’s impossible to change a watches time by holding your hand over it. And more importantly.....B: Two people with witches on their RIGHT HANDS (who wears a watch on their right hand....a minority of people), happen to be sitting next to each other. That was overkill. If he left that out this would have been more convincing. Clearly they are in on it. And here’s the fun part. Some may say, “well he only went there because James pointed in their direction.....he had two people planted in every direction James could point. If you noticed, he quickly runs in front of James and says “follow me”. That basically told me the whole things is a magic trick. Mentalists are real and very impressive. This man is a magician masking himself as a mentalist. Which frankly, is BRILLIANT. Because by starting with “this isn’t magic”, the magicians patter puts off guard in that you want to believe this is real. I’ve seen many of his performances. And this is the one that shocked me. Because the planted audience members was OBVIOUS, and I thought he would have realized that. With that said, he’s a very talented magician who’s mastered a niche that many others have failed to do so. Well done.

  • Ms. Kuchisaké
    Ms. Kuchisaké  7 days ago

    You can manipulate the dials using magnets,.... mysery solved.

  • J D
    J D  7 days ago

    he would be great on the streets playing cups

  • sunny sim
    sunny sim  7 days ago

    Two gre4at Mentalists: Lior Suchard and Derren Brown

  • Waleed Mohamed
    Waleed Mohamed  7 days ago +2

    her: "I like having my mind blown"

    me: cheeky smile

  • alif499
    alif499  7 days ago

    Glow sticks have controllable LEDs, clock is remotely controlled (some one is in the audience dialing it in to an app). Watch was set to 6:05, dial then clicked in 1 spot (to change date), handed to host who simply changed the date not the time. All other stuff like significance of 6:05 or first crush or ‘Red’ is all researchable material. His other trick was better: the star drawings.

  • Артем
    Артем  7 days ago

    I'm watching this at 21:00

  • Nico Nicolas
    Nico Nicolas  7 days ago

    rich man wy have her Rolex 9 995 $ 2:55

  • Sean Baghai-Ravary

    The thing is Sean is my name🤣

  • Sean Osullivan
    Sean Osullivan  14 days ago

    Is there like anyone here in the comment section that can explain this? I know he probably gives out subliminal information, certain numbers or whatever. Anyone spot any of them?

  • Tammy Brantley
    Tammy Brantley  14 days ago

    Is he ever wrong?

  • hcneypil
    hcneypil  14 days ago +2

    lmao my first crush was robert Downey jr

  • Harish Trushan
    Harish Trushan  14 days ago +1

    He speaks like how Eminem raps