iPhone 11 and 11 Pro: Should you upgrade?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 11, 2019
  • We take a look at the specs for the brand new iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, comparing them to last year's iPhone XS and XS Max. Or maybe the iPhone 11, the newer version of the iPhone XR, is the one to get?

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  • javier josefides
    javier josefides  7 days ago

    I’m happily living with my 7plus and don’t need anything else. There are not huge differences from the 7s to the 11. In the good old days people used to replace things when they broke

  • Shayna Wheatley
    Shayna Wheatley  7 days ago

    I want to see the videos be taken at night! That’s my issue of course pics and videos are beautiful in the sunlight! What about at night? The cameras still suck! At least on my xs it does

  • Joerayofhope Hh
    Joerayofhope Hh  14 days ago

    I have just the plain iphone X. Is it worth it for me to upgrade from the iphone X too the iphone 11 pro max? Or not?

  • Afong Collins
    Afong Collins  14 days ago

    Samsung is the best

  • RealDefiniton ofLol

    Should I upgrade my s10e and s10 with the iPhone 11 or wait another year??

  • Ihtesham Khan
    Ihtesham Khan  21 days ago +1

    I’m just gonna get the XS, upgrading from the 7

  • Ilovejanna
    Ilovejanna  21 days ago

    Guys. Iphone xr 👆🏻

  • bright eyes
    bright eyes  21 days ago

    there just really ugly things from the back of them dam not for me i'm happy whit my xr it will last year's be for i upgrade again

  • Kevin
    Kevin  21 days ago

    Hmm deciding whether to go back to iPhone.... or wait till 2020 🤔 S10 user.

  • tanattecnocraft
    tanattecnocraft  21 days ago

    A 4K resolution photo or video will eat up the 64 GB iPhone memory, which does not make sense. Micro SD cards are in the terabyte class now.

  • marcos tchamo
    marcos tchamo  21 days ago

    Where is the american ladie?

  • Lord of FishTown
    Lord of FishTown  28 days ago

    Meh. I like the notch

  • NeverBeBored08
    NeverBeBored08  28 days ago

    I got an iPhone 7 128 GB with 92% battery health and about 3 years old. I wanna upgrade though because I want better battery life and a bigger screen. Also my phone heats up so fast for some reason. Not sure what to do.

  • Azu Fly
    Azu Fly  28 days ago

    If u have some extra cash , u can upgrade if u have an X or XS or MAX u don’t need to get the new ones. Wait till 2020

  • Jamesruss Cezar M. Castaneda

    Nah, still holding on with my iPhone 5c for one more year and let's see what SAMSUNG has to offer.

  • G Alexander
    G Alexander  a months ago +1

    I’m going from a 6s plus to a 11 wish me luck !!

  • pvillaluna1
    pvillaluna1  a months ago

    iPhone 11 is basically the death sentence of apple

  • josianna etienne
    josianna etienne  a months ago

    I have the original 6plus when it first came out! I've drop it so many times and now it's showing signs like an old person. I ordered the pro max and I cannot wait.

  • Lord • [YT]
    Lord • [YT]  a months ago

    Well i was thinkint to upgrade from iPhone X to iPhone 11 Pro Max. Im waiting for the iPhone 12 Pro Max or whatever version. I REALLY want the 6.5“ screen, thats bc i was do temted. From a realistic perspective though... Not that much has chainged..
    Idk I‘ll see, but i don’t think i can hold back on the iPhone 12 when it comes out...

  • Knight Driver
    Knight Driver  a months ago

    If you have a 7 or lower then I'd say yes. Anything from 8 and above? Nope. Why? €1500 price tag doesn't warrant an upgrade for what you get. It's just a minor XS/max upgrade with an extra lens.

    Next year should be presumably a lot more exciting. At least I hope.

    Where's the 20-40mp camera sensors? 10x optical zoom? Brand new screen? Not just an increase in brightness?

    Where's the in screen fingerprint sensor? No more 3D touch? Really? Same phone from last year with an extra lens. That warrants your 1000+€ if you're considering to upgrade from an xs

    I'm willing to pay the price if I'm getting the tech for it in return. It probably cost apple a dime for this minor upgrade and they are charging full price as usual and I phone's have become very expensive.

    Great phones! Love my XS Max, last one I had before this was the 6S max and never felt like upgrading as well. Apple needs to move a little quicker!!!