Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Camaro ZL1 Part 8

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 19, 2018
  • This is a legendary channel! You won't see these one of a kind builds anywhere else. We love to share our rebuilding process with you guys and show you what it takes. This 2018 Camaro Zl1 has come a long way and is on to the next major step of this rebuilding process. Watch as we turn this once salvaged car into a beast. Thanks For Watching!DOOR PRO GARAGE DOORS!- T-Shirts: A Patron: CREDITS: MUSIC:


  • Tu Papi Omar
    Tu Papi Omar  9 months ago +158

    After extensive research I found out why that fender fell out the truck,you guys did not slap it and said “yup that’s not going anywhere” your welcome.

  • Karan Martinn
    Karan Martinn  9 months ago +52

    bro u guyz need some intro watching u from so long still didnt know ur names

  • Rik van Klooster
    Rik van Klooster  9 months ago +21

    What I really like to see is The Profit you guys make out of these cars. The price you guys payed from the Copart and how mush you sold it for

  • Upallnight
    Upallnight  9 months ago +40

    The control arms should be loaded with the weight of the car when you do the final tightening. Tightening them in the droop position will guarantee premature early failure of the bushings.

  • Rishabh Shah
    Rishabh Shah  9 months ago +12

    Twin turbos man it sucks air like anything you must go for it rather than a supercharger

  • austin roth
    austin roth  9 months ago +91

    I should have not gave a Hellcat Kitty sign away that was for you guys

  • Nils B
    Nils B  9 months ago +12


  • swsthebest1994
    swsthebest1994  9 months ago +51

    Twin Turbo it!

  • Jake E
    Jake E  6 months ago +3

    Super charger! Turbo would kill the sound.

  • Ken Baker
    Ken Baker  14 days ago

    Man, I think y’all should supercharge that mustang! Instant power! I love how a supercharger sounds!!

  • Logan jordan
    Logan jordan  9 months ago +161

    Twin turbo mustang and a price reveal on all of them

  • Pop Laurentiu
    Pop Laurentiu  9 months ago +2

    I think even Thomas want to hear a Twin Turbo kit on that Mustang.. ;0)

  • Gerry McGuire
    Gerry McGuire  1 months ago

    no argument
    German the leader in BiTurbo G all the way down 959 Dakkar
    Stop procrastinating
    Get it done

  • Nick Kusters
    Nick Kusters  2 months ago

    Pff, drifting that mustang was scary... don't do that again :P

  • MrcutsTV
    MrcutsTV  9 months ago

    Great videos guys. Amazing CONTENT😍👍 I spent the whole weekend catching up on the TA and ZL1 builds. 😁😎 Keep up the great work 👍👏👏👏👏👏👏😎

  • Bigfoot And Bananaman
    Bigfoot And Bananaman  9 months ago +43

    Twin turbo on mustang

  • Martin Löwengren
    Martin Löwengren  8 months ago

    I think you should twincharge the stang! Supercharger and a turbo!! 💪

  • Joey McKinney
    Joey McKinney  9 months ago

    Lets see the price reveal. Twin torbo the stang.
    Love yall videos, taught me alot just by warching them.

  • _FOX_7_ WOTBlitz
    _FOX_7_ WOTBlitz  9 months ago +4

    This Mustang has the best exhaust sound among all your cars!

  • Deksam Torrac
    Deksam Torrac  9 months ago +1

    Twin Turbo it, You have 2 super charged already.
    Should have kept the hellcat logo and mount it on the middle of the shop window.