I bought SALVAGE car from Copart: Ford F-150 Truck

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 3, 2017
  • I purchased a totaled vehicle from insurance auto auction for repair! Please like and subscribe for more videos!Cost break down video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imd8Q...


  • justin j  1 years ago

    Nice video. But most people are interested in how much money you saved or could make buying salvaged cars. So tell us year and miles and private party kbb value. Then total cost and hours to fix. And give us the totals.

  • repairvehicle  1 years ago

    There is a lot more damage to the other side that he did not show, right side. Frame rails are damaged and requires pulling by the frame machine. Ford front end damages very easily and requires serious body work to the frame.

  • Womb Raider  1 years ago

    Tim Lacey exactly lol only an idiot would pay anywhere near that lol. Idiots like that provide me with a decent living though..

  • GETLOWDUDE  1 years ago

    Wow the finished product looks great, nice job on it

  • Fix-it  1 years ago

    I got a separate video for price break down on this. check it out. It's complicated lol. thanks Mike

  • g butera  1 years ago

    Now you have a nice $10,000 truck with a salvage title.

  • Ernesto Pizano  5 months ago

    Do not buy any cars with salvage title got no value

  • You Lie  6 months ago

    hahaha he's not too bright

  • Kevin lee  1 years ago

    Hey, this was my freaken truck! Lol, i ran over a hoodrat while speeding to work.

  • tonys trucking  6 months ago

    if you didnt speed then you would still have it today. speeding kills

  • cloud 9000  1 years ago

    Kevin lee is ur mom ok now

  • junkbox93  1 years ago

    Great job. Fit and finish looks great. Most "salvage rebuilders" slap shit together then put it on CL.

  • Fix-it  1 years ago

    That means a lot. Thanks Junkbox93!

  • How many miles does she have? It turned out beautiful

  • Midnight Mystery  4 months ago

    Perfect example of repairing a salvage vehicle. I'd have full confidence this truck will perform like new for years to come!

  • Tony Does it  6 months ago

    Hey man I really enjoy your videos, keep up the great work

  • Duncan Paisley  1 years ago

    Everyone wants to know what your final total cost was??Mileage??

  • Frank Murray  5 months ago

    How did you get charged twice for the Y52 Only Lic Fee?