Did Garnet's Future Vision See Someone Shatter on Homeworld? [Steven Universe Theory] Crystal Clear

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • Did Garnet foresee a gem's demise in Legs from Here to Homeworld when the gang prepares their diplomatic mission? Are the fates of Steven Universe, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond and even Connie in jeopardy now that they're up against White Diamond? Or are fans reading a bit too much into dialogue? Let's talk about it on Crystal Clear!

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  • Evan Straub
    Evan Straub  7 months ago

    Welp You were Right.

  • Lily Paws
    Lily Paws  8 months ago

    Garnet is like Raven from Ravens home.

  • Colourful Bubble
    Colourful Bubble  8 months ago

    I’m really worried about square mom

  • todd coleman
    todd coleman  8 months ago

    Garnet is afraid of white diamond

  • Brandon Bedolla Cervantes

    This is how to Defeat the diamonds ⛏💣🚬🛡🔫💣💣💣💣💣🔪🔧🔧🔩🔩🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🕯💣⚙️⛓⚔️

  • Naiadryade
    Naiadryade  10 months ago +1

    It seems to me like all of this points towards Sapphires' future vision (or at least our Sapphire's future vision) being unable to foresee the actions of Diamonds. Her breakdown in confidence was because Steven's actions threw her off. She never saw through Rose Quartz. She didn't know Yellow and Blue were coming, nor did she know what White Diamond was going to do (through her cracked Pearl). Even when Garnet first fused, which Sapphire did not foresee... "Rose Quartz" was there, and there was her imagery around the first fusion of Garnet.

  • Orange Tea
    Orange Tea  10 months ago +1

    Maybe garnet saw Steven lose his eye

  • Tiffany Hawkins
    Tiffany Hawkins  11 months ago +1

    Scooping up Steven? Steven isn't ice cream white pearl isn't a spoon!

  • Rose Oxendine
    Rose Oxendine  11 months ago +1

    I think maybe the white diamond theory was real and that garnet didn't want to use her Future Vision because white diamond would know they were coming and may try to make them perfect again / mind control in them to obey her law's

  • Sonic Z TH
    Sonic Z TH  a years ago

    Garnets future vison is not ruined and she still uses it, the reason she did not use it during the wedding was because she wanted to celebrate her day. It was off becuase she ignored stevens growth, but jot that she has acknowledge it.Her future vison is not automatic and she can't use ot every monute, or else she would lose the sense of all of uer surroundings.Her power is still a vauable tool for the team and one of my favorite things about her.

  • Bobbie qvc
    Bobbie qvc  a years ago

    Maybe garnets future vision weakens every time she uses it

  • Fat Panda
    Fat Panda  a years ago

    I hope this will only at end 2150

  • ismichi
    ismichi  a years ago

    If Garnet can't fathom something being possible, then she can't ever foresee it as a possible future

    That was LITERALLY wtf "Pool Hopping" was about, dude, NOT that she was losing her Future Vision loll

    In regards to the wedding crashers, tho, that was a reminder that's how it works - she didn't expect to face them because she was more concerned about everyday happiness and her wedding. But she suddenly opened her mind to that possibility BECAUSE she knew Blue Diamond's power, and because there's a radius it effects, that's why there was hardly time inbetween her vision and reality

    As for "what did she see, if anything, on homeworld?", because she doesn't know wtf White Diamond really is as an individual beyond being powerful, she's aware her visions are limited. It's more of her trust in Steven that led her to pause and phrase things as she did. She was unsure of what could happen in reality and could only hope instead. Chances are unlikely Pearl divulged much information to Garnet (info a Pearl would know even if she's not originally White's) than Garnet could've acquired as her time as Ruby or Sapphire (which would barely be much to go on)

  • Bust down thotatiana

    Well, Garnet has to actually look into something to see the future. It isn't just always there I assume.

  • Cryogen
    Cryogen  a years ago

    Maybe Garnet's future vision was too op because they could prepare for the attack and attacks like those won't be suprises

  • Primal
    Primal  a years ago

    We know now that diamonds can fuse now and blue and yellow are super close yet very different kinda like Garnet so I'm hoping we see that in a sort of finale episode... I bet blue and yellow fusion will be bigger than white

  • Chase J
    Chase J  a years ago

    Here is a very weird thing I've noticed blue and yellow's ships are hands Pink's is Legs and Feet White's is A torso and a head think about that for a second

  • Moslaeo YT
    Moslaeo YT  a years ago

    well it's morganite in the movie that last person was evil and white diamond too but is both of them getting shattered?

  • Jacob Rennells
    Jacob Rennells  a years ago

    Perhaps she was talking about pink diamond. After all, we don't know white's power. She may be able to sperate Steven and pink without harming them.

  • Sandra Cedillo
    Sandra Cedillo  a years ago

    Guys i feel like ive been having panic attacks at the mere fact that THEY ARE ON HOMEWORLD!. A Hybrid, a HUMAN, a FUSION, a small Amethyst and a Pearl who may or may not have been Whites and has no "owner" they are soo far away from anything familiar and safe. heavy breathing