Did Garnet's Future Vision See Someone Shatter on Homeworld? [Steven Universe Theory] Crystal Clear

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • Did Garnet foresee a gem's demise in Legs from Here to Homeworld when the gang prepares their diplomatic mission? Are the fates of Steven Universe, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond and even Connie in jeopardy now that they're up against White Diamond? Or are fans reading a bit too much into dialogue? Let's talk about it on Crystal Clear!

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  • COD Fanatic  (Aug 8, 2018))

    To add on to this theory, Garnet told Greg to water the cat which could foreshadow that something will happen to Garnet...

  • Silver Spoon  (Nov 28, 2018))

    Your comment gave me the chills... I don’t want ruby or sapphire to be shattered! I love them too much! >.<

  • Marcus Robinson  (Sep 22, 2018))

    to me that doesn't mean she's coming back

  • Riliane Lucifen  (Aug 8, 2018))

    Personally I'm worried for the Crystal Gems, but less about their lives and more about their wellbeing. White Diamond seems as if she wants to go back to business as usual now that Pink is back, and that doesn't have the best implications for the Crystal Gems. If White doesn't just outright imprison them or sentence them to shattering, then that would mean they would just be shoved back into their pre established roles on Homeworld; Pearl being forced into servitude, Amethyst being shipped off to fight...

  • b nicholas  (Aug 11, 2018))

    Daniel Blair I don't think that could happen for awhile, maybe a potential ending because it seems rather soon in the story to suddenly be able to fix all of the shattered gems from the war

  • b nicholas  (Aug 11, 2018))

    It totally just occurred to me that ALL of the original crystal gems (except bismuth) are on homeworld and could be taken in as war criminals now, especially now that white diamond has pink/Steven back

  • Jaden Thompson  (Aug 8, 2018))

    I hope Garnet will be okay cause she is my favorite character (I also hope the rest of the gems r okay too)

  • Sonic Z TH  (Jan 8, 2019))


  • moonlight princess  (Aug 26, 2018))

    +Skrunkle Brunk what

  • Jaden Thompson  (Aug 8, 2018))

    Garnet definitely saw something I think it was heavily implied cause u know how the Crewniverse loves to tease us

  • Hunter Williams  (Aug 8, 2018))

    Jaden Thompson So, Garnet doesn't see the future perse. She imagines scenarios based on her perceptions. She imagines what each person will do, so if doesn't know which a situation, she won't be able to imagine what would happen. Also, she didn't look to the future on her wedding day because Ruby was all "no peeking before the wedding, and no future vision!" The writers showed why she didn't foresee some things. Whatever Garnet saw, was based on very limited information about how home world w...

  • Yesika Narvaez  (Aug 8, 2018))

    I don't know?! She's blunt about Humans dying but when it comes to Gems...

  • micronuts  (Aug 8, 2018))

    Humans die all the time

  • Claire Aquos  (Aug 8, 2018))

    My theory is no, Garnet didn't Saw anything happening. I think Garnet was just in a way promise to Greg she will protect Steven until the very end...

  • Razlem  (Aug 12, 2018))

    thank you.

  • Justin Y.  (Aug 8, 2018))


  • Marshall14  (Aug 15, 2018))


  • PAN PAN04  (Aug 13, 2018))

    Yup I need to go to a doctor

  • T B  (Aug 8, 2018))

    Garnet hadn't been using her future vision on her wedding day. Ruby told her "no peeking. No future vision either.". So i am thinking thats why she didn't see them coming.... but i do like this theory, there is definitely something to that respons to Greg. Hope we get answers sooner than later.

  • TheRezro  (Jan 9, 2019))

    +Sonic Z TH Yes, it is about probability and probability analyze need data.

  • Sonic Z TH  (Jan 8, 2019))

    +TheRezro in short, her future vision still works and she still uses it, she just needs to have more knowledge on a certain situtation.

  • Make2wo  (Aug 8, 2018))

    I just figured Garnet stop relying on her future vision and going more with the flow. But I think Pearl is in danger.

  • Acrone  (Aug 12, 2018))

    I thought the whole point of pool hopping was to show us that garnets needs to look for possibilities in a general range (like she would have to look ahead to see if they would be attacked or something) her not seeing some things could just be from her not looking for them

  • Make2wo  (Aug 9, 2018))

    Channel Gee If White wouldn't hurt Pearl because she's considered Pinks property, then Steven's Court should be safe. Because Yellow and Blue seem to allow them to come to Homeworld as a Court. Unless they have a direct past with White, possibly Pearl, or is very willing and known to sacrifice herself for Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz/Steven from harm. Because she said she do it for her, as to say she do it for him, but now she would do it for herself.The chances are low and would be a very bold move to d...

  • DrunkPie  (Aug 8, 2018))

    The diamond attack but rose's shield was reflective so it shot back to homeworld

  • Jacob Rennells  (Sep 2, 2018))

    Rose could've just said 'no u'

  • krlonyx K  (Aug 19, 2018))

    The sheiled is curved, that means.... She is responsible for the rest of the corruption? Eh idk.