I Let An App Pick My Outfits For A Week

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 30, 2017
  • I let an app choose my outfits and style me for a week! I uploaded a bunch of my clothes to this app and then it generated some outfits for me based on my own closet and wardrobe. Would you guys try this app or let it pick your outfits?I found the app here: http://www.pureple.com/This video is NOT sponsored!Safiya's Nextbeat: https://nextbeat.co/u/safiyaIG: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajnFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/safnygaard/Assistant Editor: Claire WileyMUSICMind The GapGypsy SailorTango FusionHot SoleGuilty PleasuresSprightlySalsa BravaDevious ThoughtsSadangoGiving It The ShpielBarefoot In The SandBalkan ShowdownRoma TrompetaBlack Cat In The Sunvia Audio NetworkSFXvia AudioBlocks


  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  a years ago +11902

    hello friends!!! happy almost halloween :) what did you guys think of this app? would you try this?? xox, Saf

  • Trinity Infinity
    Trinity Infinity  a years ago +4095

    Does anyone else watch one of her videos than suddenly your on a marathon of all her videos because I do that a lot

  • anonymous alyssa
    anonymous alyssa  6 months ago +1754

    “Safiya avoids wearing black for a week”
    Who else wants to see this

  • Sara Vinci
    Sara Vinci  7 months ago +2901

    The only thing that is keeping me from doing this is the idea of taking a picture of every clothing item I own...

  • Fusilli
    Fusilli  7 months ago +1811

    I admire Saf so much cause she gets out of her house every day and I could never do that

  • Katy Croft
    Katy Croft  4 months ago +728

    Wow.. I'm disappointed in you, Saf.. you missed a perfectly good opportunity to say the Eevee shirt was back by Purpular demand..😂😂

  • E Stritzke
    E Stritzke  2 months ago +342

    "Or a hip witch."
    gasp "That is my desired aesthetic!"
    lol, same girlll

  • Tea King
    Tea King  4 months ago +372

    Safiya : censores her finger but we still can see it
    Also safiya : shows the cat flipping us

  • Mike Giatoro
    Mike Giatoro  5 months ago +363

    That Cristine impression was on point!

  • Ariel__ 9
    Ariel__ 9  6 months ago +405

    To all those who hate the Eevee shirt I would be wearing everyday just because I don’t care what you haters say it’s beautiful

  • Neela Maxwell
    Neela Maxwell  3 months ago +146

    Is it just me or are Saf's descriptions the best part? Like Rave-casual, hip witch, etc...

  • a 1960s Coke bottle
    a 1960s Coke bottle  3 months ago +131

    Ooo, a jumpsuit
    Well yes, but actually no

  • lol gamer
    lol gamer  5 months ago +66

    Purple is not so secretly a holosexual

  • Ella Camville
    Ella Camville  4 months ago +113

    Safiya takes SO MANY identical pictures of every single item, it stresses me out sdkljhflakshfdlasfd

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname  a years ago +1501

    She protecc
    She attacc
    But most importantly
    The Eevee shirt is bacc

  • Janice-Lynn Lloyd
    Janice-Lynn Lloyd  2 months ago +79

    Is it just me or do I end up watching ALL Safs videos after just clicking on one lol

  • Zain Al Fathin
    Zain Al Fathin  1 months ago +40

    "Kim, you're doing amazing sweetie" im dead 😂😂😂

  • Kaelin Elise
    Kaelin Elise  4 months ago +77

    5:44 Her Cristine impression had me dying😂😂😂 #simplynailogical
    9:34 Isn’t Yin the dark one and Yang the light..?

  • ThatRandomPokenerd
    ThatRandomPokenerd  6 months ago +77

    Who else is just going through the comments liking every one that mentions how much they love the eevee shirt lol

  • mariel ivana
    mariel ivana  a years ago +4857

    Does safiya ever have a normal week 😂