Melinda Gates in conversation with Ezra Klein at SXSW

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 11, 2018
  • Vox’s editor at large, Ezra Klein, talks one-on-one with Melinda Gates, co-chair of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in a special live episode of The Ezra Klein Show podcast.

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  • gratisversus
    gratisversus  9 months ago

    If soy could talk it would sound like Ezra Klein

  • thibaut barguil
    thibaut barguil  11 months ago

    dark horse 2020/2024 candidate

  • ThisVideoAnnoyedMe

    So sick of all these Vox videos being different volume levels. This is the quietest video yet! Bet the next one I watch is going to be 10 times louder, and the next 5 times quieter.

  • UpYours101
    UpYours101  a years ago

    This video would have more like if Ezra was removed from the conversation.

  • Orton Next
    Orton Next  a years ago +1

    Men have no say in the amount of housework that it is reasonable to do or how often guests are going to come and scrutinize the tidiness of the house.  This 'unpaid labor' is invented by women, imposed on themselves and then used as weaponized shame against men.

  • Peace Guard
    Peace Guard  a years ago

    10:07 In other words discrimination during hiring based on trying to fulfill sex/ethnicity quotas is justified by increased company profits. Why not create intelligence quotas? We need more employees of low intelligence, in the end most of the population aren't geniuses, so they'll help to creates better products for most of the population..
    James Damore memo.. wow.. even most of lef-wing journals such as Guardian etc. have defended Damore and criticized Google. But I guess in the end it's about protecting mutually your corporate interests. You can even tell by the hesitation that it was a rehearsed and not an honest response. Vox is as extreme politically that most left-wing people despise it.

  • Melva Guerra
    Melva Guerra  a years ago

    Given hay view bnteq available realm math sacred as relieve question

  • Rosie H
    Rosie H  a years ago

    Really awesome interview.

  • T Melloon
    T Melloon  a years ago

    That method of eradicating certain mosquito species is very much a sledgehammer solution

  • xponen_
    xponen_  a years ago

    35:57 here they talk about CRISPR Gene-Drive technology, In my opinion you should fix Malaria epidemic by making mosquitos immune to Malaria instead of killing off the Mosquitos species because these Mosquitos is a part of the ecosystem and you shouldn't alter the ecosystem too much, instead of killing off the Mosquitos just kill off the parasite; the Malaria itself. There're multiple ways like incorporating a symbiotic bacteria that existed in other insect which kills the Malaria parasite or modifying Mosquitos' immune responses to able to properly kill all Malaria infection (they had a native immune response but they are transient & ineffective).

  • ProfessorEGadd
    ProfessorEGadd  a years ago

    Here's something for American cultural distinctness: "Most people have access to decent healthcare"
    The richest country on Earth has only "decent" healthcare for "most" people and the people who live there think that's good enough.

  • Blado
    Blado  a years ago

    I like that he asked a very relatable question in so much that the average person is not going to become the richest person in the world, and if they did how would that change things? To sit across from Melinda Gates and outright say, "You're the richest, what's different?" is huge and takes a lot of courage and humility. Ezra Klein is probably one of the best interviewers of our time for his ability to bring any interviewee down to a level that every person can understand them, yet still recognize and respect their level of prestige within the world at large.

  • Dean J
    Dean J  a years ago

    Any TL;DR

  • Juventin
    Juventin  a years ago

    Ezra Klein is a corrupt imbecile. distance yourself from vox arsewipe.

  • Helgali
    Helgali  a years ago

    I rather live in Europe. The US is just a facade, window dressing.

  • Peter Schaeffer
    Peter Schaeffer  a years ago

    Below I observed that Ezra Klein is a fraud. That is true. He was also responsible for the JournoList left-wing conspiracy. See the Wikipedia article on the subject. That's a lot of evil contained in one man.

  • JL J
    JL J  a years ago

    The dudes in this comment thread somehow missed the part where women earning computer science degrees has tanked recently unlike most degrees.
    So if women naturally don’t like computers, why did they used to like it?

  • Abhay Bhatt
    Abhay Bhatt  a years ago

    Who else thinks that she looks like Laura Linney.

  • Smoothie tide
    Smoothie tide  a years ago

    Melinda does not really have a interesting perspective or any unique insights. Just seems she has opinions and a platform but really there doesn't seem to be a reason to listen to her. There are much better voices to speak for the things she cares about.

  • spooklivyy
    spooklivyy  a years ago

    The thumbnail looks like The Last Of Us cover.😂