Oddly Satisfying Video & Relaxing Music & Feel Comfort

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 25, 2019
  • Oddly Satisfying Video Make You Feel ComfortVideo Includes:Magical、Interesting、Amazing Thing、Machines、Fast Working、Crafts、Art、Food、Plant、Animal、Pet、Car、Sports……


  • Jess
    Jess  1 months ago +69

    9:10 is the thumbnail
    Your welcome please like this comment :)

  • Gelian Diaz
    Gelian Diaz  2 months ago +67

    I am the only one who think this isn't relaxing music? :|

  • Bee B
    Bee B  5 days ago +2

    Not relaxing music and not a satisfying video more quirky matrix music and majority felt like weird hacks

  • Laura Heart
    Laura Heart  2 months ago +21

    When you send your girl too many eggplant emojis

  • pikachu gamer
    pikachu gamer  4 days ago +1

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I came for the thumbnail
    I think you did too
    Dislike=not agree

  • Prachi Tyagi
    Prachi Tyagi  2 months ago +144

    9:10 thumbnail...

  • Ly vuthy vuthy
    Ly vuthy vuthy  2 months ago +52

    6:20 Let kill this love😹💙

  • Gerty Narvaez
    Gerty Narvaez  2 months ago +55

    Did the thumbnail kinda cringe people?
    Just me? Okay

  • n_aurah lol
    n_aurah lol  2 months ago +17

    some of the videos are frustrating and doesn't make feel 'relaxed/calm'

  • Alannah Gomez
    Alannah Gomez  1 months ago +7

    6:59 - 7:12bro at least give out a flash warning!! I feel bad for people with epilepsy😬😒Also change the music it isn’t relaxing at all

  • Neko resa
    Neko resa  1 months ago +6

    The music is actually not that relaxing...

  • Ivy Keener
    Ivy Keener  21 days ago +1

    Half the time idk what they r doing but it's still satisfying

  • gaming master
    gaming master  2 months ago +21

    0:34 dude my brain can't handle that

  • Aqua Wolf
    Aqua Wolf  2 months ago +14

    7:55 those are the type of plants that when you touch they fold I touched it before

  • Mustafa Hussein
    Mustafa Hussein  2 months ago +24

    What’s that they pull from under the sand?

  • Brianna Bradford
    Brianna Bradford  1 months ago +6

    6:21 sis really said “🎈🧿🔪”

  • Daniel Lewis
    Daniel Lewis  1 months ago +6

    'Relaxing' music

  • Lola Martinez Muñoz
    Lola Martinez Muñoz  21 days ago +1

    This vídeo are very relaxin

  • しゅーまろ
    しゅーまろ  1 months ago


  • Just Otaku Gaming
    Just Otaku Gaming  1 months ago +4

    4:09 only legends I'll see it funny