Twisted Sister - Never Again Gameplay

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 24, 2019
  • I say. Not since Prince Hamlet himself has a Danish youth been so preyed upon by the ghosts of their past. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the local couturier. My sport coat elbows aren't going to re-leather themselves!Follow us on Twitter: n stuff:


  • Coco 11000
    Coco 11000  3 months ago +1472

    I love that Elyse and Bruce just went full "Last resort" when they saw the word "Suffocation"

  • Elliott Jimenez
    Elliott Jimenez  3 months ago +983

    We need an Elyse little Danish girl reading of Papa Roach's Last Resort

  • penyuwan
    penyuwan  3 months ago +941

    They got the clip from Bruce wheezing from my fav inside gaming GTA gameplay ever. The ATV. xD

  • kkgggy
    kkgggy  3 months ago +311

    As a native Dane, I can confirm that this game is very authentic to how childhood is here in the cold north. I remember the day I defeated my Danish Japanese water witch, Papa was so very proud

  • Mr C
    Mr C  3 months ago +612

    That old clip of Bruce wheezing... lol

  • Ciano888
    Ciano888  3 months ago +815

    James : BAH
    Bruce : BOO
    Adam : Tssst

  • Whywas Iborn
    Whywas Iborn  3 months ago +198

    "I need my inhaler"
    hits bong
    This game is just some little Danish girl tripping off her moms weed

  • RedEnvelopeMedia
    RedEnvelopeMedia  3 months ago +274

    I dont think there was just medicine in that ihaler. This girl be on Tugnuggets secret stash

  • Justin Vill
    Justin Vill  3 months ago +360

    Elyse's hair is on point today!

  • Campbell
    Campbell  3 months ago +62

    Jumpscares at these times. This game really isn't scary at all and most listed scares are just mild. I'm just making this list because I know some people don't like any scares at all. The time stamps are:
    1:10 (mild)
    2:02 (mild)
    2:48 (mild)
    3:55 (I have no idea why this made me jump)
    5:15 (mild)
    5:25 (mild)
    11:32 (mild)

  • Sam Weaver
    Sam Weaver  3 months ago +233

    “I’m a smart little danish girl.” -Adam Kovic 2019

  • Brother Josh
    Brother Josh  3 months ago +299

    Elyse was on fire this episode!! I absolutely need more of this playthrough

  • Cap10Ahab
    Cap10Ahab  3 months ago +186

    I hate cleaning my room >:(

  • maryyjanee247
    maryyjanee247  3 months ago +182

    No TIME TO HACK!? Booooo lol

  • paradeboy
    paradeboy  3 months ago +142

    That wheeze is iconic

  • jmricks
    jmricks  3 months ago +102

    I was hoping for a "Time 2 Hack" title when the spinning pipe pieces popped up.

  • Faheem Classen
    Faheem Classen  3 months ago +226

    Lol Adam shat himself , in the intro 👀😛🤣

  • Crash Bandicoot
    Crash Bandicoot  3 months ago +194

    I've been waiting for another scary gameplay again, Scaredy Adam is the best!

  • Hart Underscore_
    Hart Underscore_  3 months ago +69

    Editing on this one was stellar, good job lads.

  • Benjamin Haas
    Benjamin Haas  3 months ago +47

    That Prodigy-Firestarter buildup was too great, I was waiting for the drop when they lit the fire. (Did Lawrence edit this?)