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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 27, 2019
  • Dozens of Labour MPs demand Corbyn removes the whip from an MP over anti-Semitic remarks, and Dianne Abbot says she's worried about the party's Brexit strategy.

    Tonight Nigel is asking: Has the Labour Party lost its way?

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  • robert peter Dunford

    Please ,please .ask this question which we all want to know If Boris Johnson has not left Europe by 31 October 2019 ,will resign ,and allow a general election before Christmas 2019 we must know we cannot have another traitor ,in parliament ,so this is really the big one ,please please Nigel ask Boris Johnson will he promise us all that if he cannot get us our by 31 October 2019 he will resign no if no buts he will promise all of Britain he will resign


  • Stephen Cottrell
    Stephen Cottrell  4 months ago

    Hey frooooooooooooooogggggggg

  • Carbon 12
    Carbon 12  4 months ago

    That is an interesting question at the end, likely just to get farage in trouble but I still would like everyone to answer it.

  • A. TreeFullofOwls
    A. TreeFullofOwls  4 months ago

    Are the new Labour Party prayer rugs on offer yet?

  • Gc MAF
    Gc MAF  4 months ago

    Farage is a scam...Protecting is lovely little london mile tax haven bcos the EU want to shut it down.

  • Britannia U.K.
    Britannia U.K.  4 months ago

    Boris may be brash and a diplomatic 'elephant in a china shop' but he's the only candidate with the guts to stand up to the EU bullies. Hunt has already started to make noises about 'deals" which will suit everyone. He still does not understand just how spiteful, Barnier, Junker and Verhoffstat really are. They are out for blood and nothing less than the total humiliation of the U.K. ..Boris knows this and will get us out with our dignity intact (what's left of it ): )

  • SpectatorX8
    SpectatorX8  4 months ago

    I hope one day whole indian and other asian people move to united kingdom and stay there forever. I know they want to do it I saw them they prepare support for each other in places called 'gudwara'. They coming to uk eat for free and sleep in a tent in group. Every year coming more and more of them. They are very proud. Mr Farage you must help them. This is your responsibility beacouse you are that colonial bastrad so from today help how many you can, lets all Asian unite in uk !

  • Jane Sweet
    Jane Sweet  4 months ago

    Its Nigel Numpty on the Muppet show ...

  • Dr. S
    Dr. S  4 months ago +2

    Hunt is saying the same thing that Tereason May said "No deal is better than a bad deal and we're leaving with or without a deal on the 29th March " Hunt cannot be trusted he is telling us what we want to hear as did Tereason May he will sell us out to he changed his mind on leaving without a deal because he is behind Boris we have heard this verbal excrement from May we're not going to fall for it again, I remember a saying "Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me," what do you think?

  • Lee Benstead
    Lee Benstead  4 months ago


  • Phil Earl
    Phil Earl  4 months ago

    Did he evaporate in the heat then?

  • Randy Lahey
    Randy Lahey  4 months ago +1

    The majority of this country is sick of these weak and pathetic excuse for leaders I can't stand the sound of the pro Islamist anti Semite anti democratic sadick Kant.get rid of em and take our country back.

  • Meg Moses
    Meg Moses  4 months ago

    ISRAEL SENT STUDENTS TO THE UNIVERSITIES OF ENGLAND TO PROMOTE ISRAEL AND HATE OF GAZA,,, WHY/? they sent to the labour party ,students from israel, to send out a message of hate of gaza,,, WHY ?,, FOR ISRAEL IF YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT ISRAEL YOU ARE XENPHOBIA

  • brian johnson
    brian johnson  4 months ago

    Look at the youtube video report. copy and paste this line.
    Brexit no deal panic: EU to lose one million jobs and £228billion if Britain rejects deal

  • brian johnson
    brian johnson  4 months ago

    Look at the youtube video report. copy and paste this line.
    Brexit no deal panic: EU to lose one million jobs and £228billion if Britain rejects deal

  • David Jones
    David Jones  4 months ago +4

    Does anyone know why LBC haven't been uploading shows recently? I was expecting JRM on friday which didn't show up, and then Nigel's Sunday show which isn't here either?

  • BedsitBob
    BedsitBob  4 months ago +1

    33:28 "What Labour tried to do, which nobody else was trying to do, was they actually tried to, sort of find the middle ground between leavers and remainers."

    There is no middle ground, between two positions that are so diametrically opposed.

    It'd be like trying to find middle ground between proponents and opponents of Capital Punishment, or Nuclear Disarmament.

    Just like you can't execute people just a bit, or detonate an atom bomb a just a bit, you can't leave the EU just a bit.

  • Kay Oss
    Kay Oss  4 months ago +3

    The Welsh gent was absolutely spot on about the working class tending to be socially conservative. We're straight talking people with common sense. Politically correct madness and identity politics doesn't wash.

  • BedsitBob
    BedsitBob  4 months ago +1

    Chris - 40 years a Labour supporter, who can't support them anymore.

    What about Anne? 55 years a Conservative member, and now a Brexit Party MEP.

  • mary ward
    mary ward  4 months ago

    The objectors to Corbyn have no respect for party rules and the disciplinary process.