London Bridge attackers 'lawfully killed' by police

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019
  • The London Bridge terror inquest has concluded that the three terrorists were lawfully killed by police, after they murdered eight people and seriously injured another 48.

    The three attackers ploughed into pedestrians on London Bridge in a hired van two years ago.

    Sky's Mark White reports.

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  • knifE9
    knifE9  6 days ago +1

    ohh the religion of peace again

  • sid ney
    sid ney  7 days ago

    People who take this long to eventually decide these walking phoeces died lawfully shouldn't be allowed the job they are paid to do . It's Muppets like this that cause the bloodshed in this country because unjust and Victorian laws are controlled by fat lazy out of touch with modern society law makers .

  • Game's Boss 19
    Game's Boss 19  14 days ago

    Counter Terrorists Wins

  • Herson Lamolli
    Herson Lamolli  21 days ago

    England do not fall asleep on terrorism. Wake and hunt them down before they strike.

  • Ajit Singh
    Ajit Singh  1 months ago

    Pakistan is terrorist country .all over world is known about Pakistan.

  • Jeff Hart
    Jeff Hart  1 months ago

    We need to stop with this softly softly approach that we have towards these monsters. As soon as these pricks start brandishing weapons they need to be given a warning to drop the weapon and hopefully they won;t because then we should be able to just open fire and take them down. No arguments, no concerns about terrorist safety or their rights. Just take them down INSTANTLY! Problem solved. Afterwards immediate and swift deportation. Why should it be so hard to do this. Perhaps if we were to get tougher on them then it may deter a few of them too.

  • lidel beer
    lidel beer  1 months ago

    Are the police officers how shot the attackers racist they must be, they should be fired for being racist their is no room for racism in our society especially in our police force.

  • suger daddy
    suger daddy  1 months ago

    Islam has no nation remember and always stay alert !! Moderates r much morr dangerous!!!

  • Kev L
    Kev L  1 months ago

    Why was there even an investigation into this?

  • Simao E. Luis
    Simao E. Luis  1 months ago +1

    Islamist terrorist?

  • Kyle Gallant
    Kyle Gallant  1 months ago +1

    Left wing Political correctness will be the death of us all!!!!

  • Maru Govinda
    Maru Govinda  1 months ago

    Winston churchill knew how dangerous and chaotic these people were...would he were alive and in charge today none of this would have happened.

  • Rob Robski
    Rob Robski  1 months ago

    England is a ghetto not a country

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark  1 months ago +1

    Not worth arresting these pigs..justice was served! Islam is violent

  • joji
    joji  1 months ago

    Bartosz tchorzewski duma

  • Darkwitch
    Darkwitch  1 months ago

    lawfully or not two innocent peoples already killed..mission accomplished by the terrorist.. 😭😭

  • Martin Claessen
    Martin Claessen  1 months ago +1

    Britain went to the pigs the very day City Hall issued the first permit for the construction of a Mosque in Central London.

    HONK YONG  1 months ago

    Head shot is the best way to go... BRAVO Cops!!!

  • aadrianlee
    aadrianlee  1 months ago +2

    Just vote the Brexit Party People so we can get ought of the E,U 😎👍

  • David MacD
    David MacD  1 months ago

    Will read great in future history books, "multiple attacks on London bridge", Hundreds killed, 1000's of injured".