Restoring a Flood Salvage Tesla Model X Part 1

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 1, 2019
  • In today’s episode we go back to basics in fixing this flooded Tesla model X. No fluff no fanfare, just me trying to make sense of this mess with my ashy hands.www.electrifiedgarage.comShould you desire to support this channel please donate to Currency Donations: 1LFj2RkR2aAakoVQZCovyra5RX9Uh4xEWqOur Store: :P.O. Box 1041Salem, MA 01970


  • Tavarish  4 months ago

    Notice me EV senpai

  • Ryukachoo  4 months ago

    TAVARISHDO AN EV BUILD CROSSOVER WITH RICHAnd by crossover I mean you get some initial info from him and he's available to answer questions

  • Stephan Plümer  4 months ago

    800 ;)

  • Samcrac  4 months ago

    Rich I paid good money for the mention! This is not what I expected...

  • That Onedude  4 months ago

    Watch RICH REBUILDS Channel those are his precious pets! Lol 😂 He pays in eggs! 😉

  • Applause Ndlovu  4 months ago

    🤣🤣😂😂 savage

  • Chris G.  4 months ago

    Uncle Rich is back! Complete with child labor too

  • ExposedRoot  4 months ago

    Awesome experience for that kid. Many would want to be in his place.

  • beingatliberty  4 months ago

    Hehe ;) he's learning lots

  • B Bort  4 months ago

    I won't believe it's the Old Rich until I see a kitchen knife.

  • manfred schmalbach  4 months ago

    Upgraded to akku wrenches lately ... I use those in my kitchen all the time 😂😂

  • SEDRICK WELLS  4 months ago

    A butter knife

  • Tesla Roadster  4 months ago

    Name it fat delorisOr Deloris XL

  • Tesla Roadster  1 months ago

    Damn 240 like?

  • DoloresMoma

  • Jackson La  4 months ago

    Gotta put that whole thing in rice

  • ZeOverman  4 months ago

    cat litter works better.

  • aserta  4 months ago

    GUYS, i have an even better solution, throw this car in the Saharan desert. It will dry out in a day....tho there might be sand, i hear it gets in everywhere....

  • Ian Sutton  4 months ago

    Damn calling Sam out on his RS multiple times.

  • CodeDonut  4 months ago

    but sam posted a video about his RS. lol.

  • Adam Mckay  4 months ago

    Waiting for Sam's comeback!

  • Scott Cleveland  4 months ago

    Power tools! What happened to the butter knife?

  • EnlightenedSavage  4 months ago

    Rich, exploiting child labor just like my dad used to.

  • Jeff Anderson  4 months ago

    Marc René Yvon that’s what I’m saying I would have loved to rebuild cars with my dad

  • Marc René Yvon  4 months ago

    Have you learned anything anything from your Dad? I did from mine. A lot !

  • Tanner Manzello  4 months ago

    Rich: Alright Cam, lesson one. You see this kitchen knife?Cam: Yeah i see it.Rich: Trick question, this isnt a kitchen knife this is a MULTI PURPOSE TESLA TOOL