Pregnant kitty screaming (labour begins!)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 6, 2016
  • A new birth, different cat:

    EDIT: Marmalade has been hit by a truck and died.
    My poor baby :'-(

    Marmalade questions answered!

    There is some nasty racist stuff being yelled in the background at the end of the video. I wasn't able to just stop the video as she was about to give birth any moment. I tried to use the Youtbe editing feature to cut that part out but it just saved it as a separate video, which is here:

    Marmalade has has her kittens! December 5th she went into labour so I'll be back to back uploading videos of the labour and each birth, cutting out as much of the in between as possible while still showing the contractions and birth.
    Please ignore the yelling from my son that you can faintly hear. He's yelling some pretty bad stuff and trust me- he was and has always been warned against that sort of language but it does no good. Don't make the focus of this lovely moment that one line.

    Birthing videos:

    The kittens after being dried off:

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