2 Chainz Eats a $295 Burger | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 23, 2014
  • The bun is dusted with 24K gold and it once held the title of most expensive burger in the world. 2 Chainz tries the $295 burger from NYC's Serendipity 3 to see how the 1 percent eats.Watch as 2 Chainz samples the most outrageous luxury goods on the planet—and decides if they’re worth the cash.Still haven’t subscribed to GQ on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2iij5wtABOUT GQFor more than 50 years, GQ has been the premier men’s magazine, providing definitive coverage of style, culture, politics and more. In that tradition, GQ’s video channel covers every part of a man’s life, from entertainment and sports to fashion and grooming advice. So join celebrities from 2 Chainz, Stephen Curry and Channing Tatum to Amy Schumer, Kendall Jenner and Kate Upton for a look at the best in pop culture. Welcome to the modern man’s guide to style advice, dating tips, celebrity videos, music, sports and more.https://cnclips.net/user/GQVideos2 Chainz Eats a $295 Burger | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ


  • abdul ghani
    abdul ghani  4 months ago +2024

    Gordan Ramasay would be like
    This is
    B L A N D

  • Dr. Pancakes
    Dr. Pancakes  4 months ago +2232

    If im paying 295$ for that burger it better come with 2 Chainz also

  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez  4 months ago +1355

    According to Gordon Ramsey Just cause something sounds expensive it doesn’t mean it’s good

  • Akash Singh
    Akash Singh  5 months ago +1274

    And here I am eating 2 burgers worth 2 dollars each. 🤦‍♂️

  • Isaiah Young
    Isaiah Young  3 years ago +7927

    Meanwhile I'm boutta make some noodles

  • CallOfPundy1192
    CallOfPundy1192  5 months ago +765

    That aint more than an IPhone these days 😂

  • Saala Khadoos
    Saala Khadoos  3 months ago +224

    "you can eat gold?"
    Starts munching his chains 😂

  • ChaoticGenes
    ChaoticGenes  4 months ago +418

    "I always wanted to go to a cave"
    Bro, who's stopping you?? 💀

  • HHaceee Memu
    HHaceee Memu  4 months ago +527

    I think all that we need now are some 24k gold
    french fries.

  • MurryCoolz HD
    MurryCoolz HD  3 months ago +72

    Costs $295 and dont come with fries or a drink. Wtf.

  • Emamk Ankhmind
    Emamk Ankhmind  4 months ago +145

    i want chef Ramsey to check the burger out.

  • Monique Bright
    Monique Bright  4 months ago +281

    Bout to go warm me up some old pizza😭😭😭

  • Krissy Kris
    Krissy Kris  4 months ago +232

    Idgaf how rich I be, if I eating a burger for 295 that better full me for a month.
    Sir, I don't want to eat my accessories. Thanks

  • f a b i a n y e e t
    f a b i a n y e e t  7 months ago +75

    How to Make an Expensive Burger:
    Put gold on it that’s it

  • Gameboy
    Gameboy  18 hours ago

    Gives the burger a french name-can't even say it properly

  • Addi Herrewig
    Addi Herrewig  13 hours ago

    anybody else look at comments and be like: Dang I wish I wrote that

  • Minecraft
    Minecraft  4 months ago +30

    Before I ate that burger I would collect the gold flakes and sell em 😂

  • Alex McMullen
    Alex McMullen  3 years ago +5131

    im here eating a 3 dollar bowl of cereal

  • Gothinna
    Gothinna  8 months ago +64


  • CruiseGuy
    CruiseGuy  3 months ago +13

    The burger is obviously not good.
    Dat skinny nawab just done 2 bites and doesn't want any more