2018 Autorama Ridler Winner & Great 8 cars_full story

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 12, 2018
  • Once again Two-Lane Blacktop Productions brings to you the full story behind the Great 8 and Ridler winning cars and their owners.


  • Mike Lliteras
    Mike Lliteras  1 months ago

    Sorry but they got the wrong winner this year.

  • Uu Duane Wiley
    Uu Duane Wiley  1 months ago

    It is a tough contest god bless all these artist thanks for the journey

  • John Fisher
    John Fisher  1 months ago

    The 67 Camaro & 56 Continental.....jeez Louise.

  • lenny108
    lenny108  1 months ago

    Hey Danielle (1:50) nice pickup indeed, but why they did not install guard plates for the wheels?

  • mr luigi
    mr luigi  1 months ago

    When the creative juices of artisans flow unencumbered ,you see Magic. Congratulations to the winners, great eights and all the participants.

  • Kelly Kenyon
    Kelly Kenyon  1 months ago

    That is a beautiful Auto

  • RonPaulgirls
    RonPaulgirls  2 months ago


  • Shahram Torki
    Shahram Torki  2 months ago


    SAMUEL LUQUE  2 months ago


  • 7A
    7A  2 months ago

    i never cared for 57 Chevs. I always like 55s for the rear tail lights. But i would give it to this 57 for the drive train. I also really love the wheels on the 34 blue truck. 2nd place the Continental.

  • Giacomo Knox
    Giacomo Knox  2 months ago

    Mmmm....at what point do these museum pieces ever see the streets? Wanna try getting stuck in traffic driving something like that Camaro? Give me a great looking daily-driver or weekend-warrior, over a $500K trailer queen. JMHO

    HOTRODDER50  2 months ago

    SHEBOOM lives by me. I always thought that 67 Camaro should have won the Ridler. I took tons of pics of that car.

  • Reza Ghaisar Ali
    Reza Ghaisar Ali  2 months ago

    I absolutely love this videos about cars 🚘 getting a face lift and looking amazing 😉.
    I only wish that maybe one day, I could have one ☝️ of this car’s before I die!🙏🏽😎

  • manuel Achar
    manuel Achar  2 months ago


  • leonardusdesign leonardusdesign

    Too nice to drive

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones  2 months ago

    9:35 there is a spot on that right tire.... HOW THEY DID WIN?

  • MrTonifumi
    MrTonifumi  3 months ago

    Dumb intro. Neanderthal car show?

  • James Williams
    James Williams  3 months ago +1

    All of these cars were made to bone in! What a wonderful idea! Its like pimp of the year for cars!

  • harleycharley
    harleycharley  3 months ago

    All beautiful cars...the Chevy is certainly a worthy winner...they were all winners....Phenomenal cars! Great show!

  • Highly Skeptical
    Highly Skeptical  3 months ago

    I can appreciate all the skill & effort that goes into building these vehicles but I'll take a real "driver" over these any day .