Cardi B - Money (LIVE From The 61th Grammy Awards 2019)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019
  • #Slinkyh3ad ,#Grammy Awards 2019Cardi B - Money The 61th Grammy Awards 2019


  • DeathDustDespair  5 months ago

    The pianist (Chloe Flower) kills me that first hard chord gets me so lit!

  • Alcione Nacimento  20 days ago


  • Elric C.  23 days ago

    FranSlam what did he write originally?😂

  • Satenik Margaryan  4 months ago

    When cardi dances better than dancers

  • Aynee Bonsalagan  10 days ago

    striper vibe u know

  • Luciano Torres  2 months ago

    Satenik Margaryan ok, with lyp sync she should.

  • Pharaoh King  5 months ago

    Cardi has it all personality, attitude, sexiness, choreography, music every damn thing. I hope she just stay humble and leave the haters eatn DUST ....

  • jojo's slime  5 days ago

    @jasmime bitch shut tf up🤦‍♀️

  • ARTISTIXBAWSE QUEEN  1 months ago

    Haris Eja She CAN tho

  • Joseph Bishara  4 months ago

    Cardi B strikes me as a perfectionist. She always takes her songs and performances to the next level.

  • Kayla-Marie  16 days ago

    Level headed Libras... they always focus on the details.

  • AIDAN  1 months ago

    Joseph Bishara this is very true. she takes pride in her work.

  • Paige  4 months ago

    Can we just appreciate how good the dancers were? The get the BEST dancers and I applaud them.

  • IHdraws  21 days ago

    It's Ram stop hating cuz she getting money bitch and you is not

  • It's Ram  28 days ago

    @Lala. Cardi must be in jail right now and doesn't even write her own shit.

  • Lizbeth Arias  5 months ago

    home girl on the piano went in

  • Queen Kayla  5 months ago

    @Zerr Michelle her name is chloe flower, she is really dope

  • 방침슥  5 months ago

    So u sayin' that bts watched this? 😳

  • Nancy Obi  12 hours ago

    so what? they are grown men.

  • Yes, BTS watched it bitches, and you know what? STOP PRETENDING YOUR 'BTS' IS AN CHILDREN! THIS IS KULTURE BITCHES!

  • alaire jones  3 months ago

    I can’t even imagine the pressure she must have felt for this performance. It give me goosebumps every time because of how powerful it is.

  • Marco Marco  15 days ago

    alaire jones me too 🤤 that performance is something

  • Starr Shines  5 months ago

    Never even realized her beautiful necklace fell off till now that’s how good she was performing 😱

  • Starr Shines 2:57 *yea i saw it*

  • RW  5 months ago

    Offsets reaction gives me life 😂👌🏼👌🏼