One Child Policy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 6, 2019
  • John Oliver discusses China’s one-child policy, and all its consequences, intended and not.

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  • Ramiro Del Bosque
    Ramiro Del Bosque  3 minutes ago

    We need to evolve past such a primitive instinct to find a mate and procreate as if that defines us as humans. Perhaps at some point yes our survival depended on bearing numerous children and forming a family to increase survival but nowadays none of that is necessary to survive. I say yes to population control. All over the word including the USA we see examples of how passive family planning just does not work.

  • Kris Jones
    Kris Jones  56 minutes ago

    AhhhahAhAhHa 😂😂😂 John's closing argument was the equivalent of 2 middle fingers in the air, a big FUCK U in the most professional & mature, PC display evr lmfao

  • tianli krehle
    tianli krehle  an hour ago

    You have no idea about China!

  • Zormac
    Zormac  an hour ago

    Did he change his joke writing team? The quality seems to be declining a bit.

  • Peter Wyetzner
    Peter Wyetzner  2 hours ago

    Man, did I not need to see that picture of Donald Duck...

  • Tyler Totten
    Tyler Totten  2 hours ago

    And in addition to all that, as he mentioned the one-child policy implementation was done at the regional/local level. Even with the 2016 rollback at the national level, some of the restrictions and other discouragements against more than one child remain in place even now, regardless of the legality. It's not so simple to change a 40 year old policy of this scope.

  • Daniel Embree
    Daniel Embree  2 hours ago

    Latin America needs that.

  • iced coffee
    iced coffee  3 hours ago

    china ended its 1 child policy the same year America legalized gay marriage lol

  • Torterra
    Torterra  3 hours ago


    Oh Dear God, WHY?!!

  • Xu Han
    Xu Han  4 hours ago

    Having 2 billion people in China rather than the current 1.4 billion is not going to do good for anyone in this world. I thought this was a common sense.

  • JP
    JP  4 hours ago +1

    What do Chinese parents and the Catholic Church have in common?

    A very strong preference for boys

  • ljyup1990
    ljyup1990  5 hours ago

    the whole video is based.on 34 million more men and comdamn the government for all sorts of crimes because 34 millons.more men? .... so 1.4B people, 717M men and 683M women, 1.05: 1. and the problem is???

  • JP
    JP  5 hours ago +1

    4:48 I thought he was gonna say you never take advice on having sex from anybody named Donald

  • Omkar Kulkarni
    Omkar Kulkarni  5 hours ago

    Incredible they showed Interview form the WION channel 😍

  • maggit
    maggit  5 hours ago

    That being said, the Earth IS overpopulated and while I abhor what the Chinese government has done, we should seriously think about having offspring twice.

  • Amanda Harris
    Amanda Harris  6 hours ago

    I just can't get past this guy with his boney hands and weird looking thumbs flailing all over the place. Jesus, put your fucking hands down for god's sake.

  • kz
    kz  6 hours ago

    The bad:
    Gender imbalance, people who does not have ID, the fact that the policy was made by men who might not have social science background, human trafficking, potentially spoiled one child, aging society, and many others detailed in this video.

    The good (what I'm writing down now on my phone, maybe there's more research on the costs and benefits of one child policy):
    It is way easier to support one kid and give them the best education and resources. Thanks to this policy, many families are lifted out of poverty, more people got basic and higher education. We are talking about billions of people moving up to middle class from worrying about their next meals in one generation, and this policy played an important role in it.

    Another thing, if you ever get a chance to visit China and ever think "boy it is crowded", imagine the crowd double and triple and see how you think then.

    The point is, China has its issues and have to face the consequences of the policies. But only ever focusing on the negatives does not give your viewers a full, unbiased picture. It is also not a productive way forward as many would notice the unfairness of the presentation of information, and de-value your reporting.

  • Shamik Singh
    Shamik Singh  6 hours ago

    The World minus China, Saudi & Israel = The Heaven

  • Elron LaVey
    Elron LaVey  7 hours ago

    Wait till Lebron James finds out about this
    John Oliver is gonna have to apologize

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia  7 hours ago

    Beautiful SOCIALISM controlling the means of production including womens reproduction. karl marx would have been proud.