The Dream Camera? Ask MKBHD V28 with Peter McKinnon!

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 7, 2018
  • Peter McKinnon:

    LED video light:

    MKBHD Merch:

    Video Gear I use:
    Tech I'm using right now:

    Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds



  • Tommy Bui
    Tommy Bui  17 hours ago

    about the thought of front cam placed behind the glass, u'r right lol

  • chriscem
    chriscem  23 hours ago

    lol maybe you shouldn't use your phone while driving.

  • chriscem
    chriscem  23 hours ago

    lol maybe you shouldn't use your phone while driving.

  • Eli Santiago
    Eli Santiago  2 days ago

    You don't realize how pasty Peter is when he is actually under clear light. LOL

  • IamtherealDirty
    IamtherealDirty  3 days ago

    cannon color science with sony low light

  • Christopher J Roura

    Coming 2020 finally best will have a subscription for all your cameras so you don’t need to subscribe per individual camera, instead it’s a bundle for all of your cameras. I know you probably have known about this for months but it’s a game changer.

  • Michael Brooks
    Michael Brooks  6 days ago +1

    Man, Google should have watched this video before making the Pixel 4.

  • ifoxino
    ifoxino  7 days ago

    Peter is in huge difference of opinions as me or as Marques :-) like from wierd world

  • Chew Boyue
    Chew Boyue  7 days ago

    2019 its almost already dissapeared

  • Hexen Jager
    Hexen Jager  14 days ago

    I saw that light on peters channel a month or so ago ordered one at b and h and it still hasn't arrived

  • StigSlashBro
    StigSlashBro  14 days ago

    Do another video together!

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia  21 days ago

    Quick thought on the face recognition when driving..... maybe they don’t want you using your phone while you’re driving?

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  • KyuubiTailed
    KyuubiTailed  a months ago

    notch; eliminated

  • MaximMate
    MaximMate  a months ago

    id watch a porn of these two

  • MaximMate
    MaximMate  a months ago

    Twitter, facebook, instagram all changed when they finalised their current BOT software - there are now more bots on those social medias then real humans. Thats why Trump is still in office. THat is why brexit is happening. Humans would never of let these happen without mass 'brainwashing'

  • Our Fantasy Life
    Our Fantasy Life  a months ago

    Wyze > Nest

  • Huddy Varugoosey
    Huddy Varugoosey  a months ago

    14:45, peter's voice quality changed so much what happened

  • Maker Boy
    Maker Boy  a months ago

    Can u give me a red camera

  • Travis McKim
    Travis McKim  a months ago