This could be your last 60% keyboard

  • Published on:  Sunday, October 2, 2022
  • Amplified and obnoxious is what I will call the Frog Mini. There's nothing mini about its sound at all. It makes whatever switches you throw at it pop with a full bodied sound reflected back directly into your ears with a vengeance. I love it.

    This keyboard seems to be naturally lower pitched. No foams are provided nor required imo. Stock tadpoles may be a little firm depending on personal preferences. I did hope the finishing on the case and weight can be better. There is minor uneven ano streaking and a couple of tiny dings in this copy. Overall, it's a fantastic sounding and feeling 60% at a great price. For around US$290, highly recommended!

    Geon Frog Mini WKL Black
    Build 1
    Everglide Tourmaline Blue V3 switches (stock)
    Alu plate
    No sound dampening
    GMK 80082

    Build 2
    KTT Strawberry switches (lubed 205g0)
    Alu plate
    No sound dampening
    GMK 80082

    All sound recordings are made with Shure MV7 positioned 6 inches above keyboard. No sound editing or EQ was done to sound tests.

    0:00 Unboxing
    0:23 Stabs Tuning
    1:21 Switches Install
    1:43 Case Assembly
    2:06 Keycaps Install
    2:17 Sound Test 1 - Tourmaline Blue V3
    2:57 Sound Test 2 - KTT Strawberry
    3:29 B Roll

    Special thanks to my buddy @BlauAube for loaning his personal board for this video!