Here's How to Reunite Families at the US Mexico Border

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 20, 2018
  • James Corden takes a moment to direct viewers from every corner of the world to help parents and children separated at the US-Mexico border through the RAICES organization, which helps families in need of being reunited. To contribute and learn more:

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    If you'd like to contribute:

  • Paris Bryson
    Paris Bryson  8 months ago

    This is a lovely message and I don't want this comment to seem like I'm not paying attention to the message here, but I have to ask.. did ANYONE else hear what sounded like james farting at 1:44 ? I've replayed it 20 times now

  • Valeoneup 1
    Valeoneup 1  a years ago

    When did comedians become all political.

  • martha romero
    martha romero  a years ago

    I agree with James thumbs up👍😎

  • Stella Moore
    Stella Moore  a years ago

    James Corden, what a sweet and thoughtful thing to do.

  • adir gellis
    adir gellis  a years ago

    Why didn't you reat to this when obama did it.

  • Izzy Xo
    Izzy Xo  a years ago

    Hey it seems Donald trump has 100 accounts on YouTube

  • Žurkulēns
    Žurkulēns  a years ago

    Hey James,if u cross a border illegally and u have kids, what parent u are to ur kids? UNRESPONSIBLE! First of all,u teaching ur children, that he is allowed to ignore law, secondly, parent knows, that he might go to jail and be arrested and therefore, he won't be able to take care of his child. Same with immigrants in Europe, that is insane! They are so unthankful and not respecting local people... Illegal immigration must be stopped in all around the world! I don't like Trump,but the wall must be build up !

  • Catherine Mindfulness


  • Jenny Reyes
    Jenny Reyes  a years ago

    Thank you James Corden for caring👍🏽

  • lisa houk
    lisa houk  a years ago

    for many of americans..its not acceptable!!!!

  • David Copperfield-not the magician

    RAICESTEXAS.ORG money for the kidnapped immigrant kids.

    BRETT TURPIN  a years ago

    You rock..thank you

  • Silver Kid
    Silver Kid  a years ago

    Vote Democrat.

    Help expedite Mexico’s takeover of California.

  • C Tap
    C Tap  a years ago

    GREAT idea James! God Bless them ALL May they find peace, love, & happiness like every family wants & needs. It's shameful what is happening! Can you imagine how scared those poor little kids must feel & how frightened & angry the parents must feel?! COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE what has been happening! Let's stand up & fight💪 for what's right & help these families get back together, so they can heal & continue their long journey to find a home! 😎

  • Mikayla Bansie
    Mikayla Bansie  a years ago

    Ty James for adding your voice to this crisis😟

    NATALIE SIMENTAL  a years ago

    Thank you, James, for not making a joke of this, this is stuff that effects my race, you know how to be serious when needed and I really look up to you, so thank you!!!

  • Ember2460 Harrington

    Whyyyy are they being detained???? Just Send Them Homeeee

  • Joe Gibson
    Joe Gibson  a years ago

    Take back your countries Latin America. Rise up and overthrow your corrupt dictatorship governments who allow drugs and crime and the 1% to make money off of you, kill and rape indiscriminately without justice, and behead any reporter who will talk about it. Where are the bleeding hearts on the day to day, rise up Latin America

  • Raymond Payette
    Raymond Payette  a years ago

    The US want to dictate to the world what is best, yet it can't even track 2,000 children that it mismanaged. Absurd.