Sacha 'Borat' Baron Cohen Asks Melanie "What Her Price Is" | Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 4, 2019
  • Joining Jonathan on the sofa is Sacha Baron Cohen also known as Borat, Sacha is an English actor, comedian, screenwriter, director and film producer known for his 'against the grain' fictional satirical characters, including Ali G, Borat Sagdiyev, Brüno, Admiral General Aladeen, and Erran Morad. Whilst Sacha accompanies Woss on the stage, he discusses birthday privileges, Paul Ross' unimaginable stardom in Kazakhstan, and the premier of his film 'Borat'.

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  • den co
    den co  6 hours ago

    I think bollock is making sexy time in the man an us

  • keefyG
    keefyG  9 hours ago

    Imagine this today man.... So glad I grew up before all the soft arses ruined comedy

  • Wayne Grey
    Wayne Grey  10 hours ago

    This guy isn’t even remotely funny

  • BobRooney
    BobRooney  12 hours ago

    no way could this pass today. trans-bi-metoolennials have no sense of humor and are offended by their own snowflake shadows.

  • Stegmaier Andre
    Stegmaier Andre  14 hours ago

    Melanie's full Name???

  • Kyle Norcliffe
    Kyle Norcliffe  15 hours ago


  • DeLaMan
    DeLaMan  17 hours ago

    No chance you could say poof now

  • H2 oH
    H2 oH  18 hours ago

    your singing transvestite madonna. classic

  • VRexG
    VRexG  yesterday

    Oh man i love this 🤣👍🤟

  • ARCtrooperblueleader


  • Dragoș Andrei Cristea

    Borat can my d!ck. He made fun of romanians...

  • itan moh
    itan moh  yesterday

    Borat is a jew and no one knows that he never talked Russian , he talks Hebrew and some very wrong misplaced language from all Eastern Europe from Poland and rest melted into his first Borat show and continued . funny thing is that he is only person who knows Madonna is a transsexual!! also that jews control the world!! we need more well around the world . we exclude Borat if he converts . Also Adolf is looking a return back this time from . vaavaaavivaaaaa !!! who believe this conspiracy? All Trump, the orange face ,followers!!

  • subterreanhighrise

    Well, Borat used his right hand to touch the Hram. Sooooo ... hidden message?!?

  • Billy Yonet
    Billy Yonet  2 days ago +6

    He’s a mad mad genius.
    He could get anyone to do anything...

  • crazy woman kaz the bitch witch

    Crazy kaz:

  • Daniella de groote

    sascha and a member of john cleese are rrokin (eric idle)

    GTA GLOBAL  2 days ago

    The pizza delivery guy looks a spit of Borat 😂

  • Michael Booker
    Michael Booker  2 days ago

    Bloke's so nauseating...and as for that unfunny Borat! Now All Saints, Melanie is stunning. Love her very much (in best Kazakhstan accent)

  • Andy Mullarx
    Andy Mullarx  2 days ago

    Controlled by the....

  • Yuma Yiska
    Yuma Yiska  2 days ago

    I from Kazakhstan, no hear Borat. He is not famous here . He actor?