Relaxing Sleep Music and Night Nature Sounds: Soft Crickets, Beautiful Piano, Deep Sleep Music

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 20, 2019
  • Relaxing piano music and gentle summer night ambience with cricket sounds and fireflies (3 hours) perfect as sleep music, meditation music, stress relief music, and calm background music.⭐ Subscribe to Dream Sounds to stay updated on future uploads ►✨ Relaxing music playlist ► ►iTunes: Included~1. It’s All Ok2. In A Field Of Daisies3. On Red Shores4. Give Me Strength5. Smile6. Star7. Blue Like The Azure8. Thank You9. Everybody10. Wish**********************I want you to feel at peace. That is why I began this channel: to offer a space for you to rebalance the relationship between your mind and body through beautiful and calming music. I have composed each note with the intention of offering you an aural respite from the noise of everyday life. Sometimes work, school, difficult times etc. can be overwhelming, but I've always found that being surrounded by music has made all these circumstances more bearable for me. My hope is that my music can do the same for you.Love,Clarisse xo**********************~Follow Dream Sounds~Facebook:


  • Dream Sounds
    Dream Sounds  1 months ago +37

    Thank you so much for watching! :) Hope this helps you relax 💖

  • Lina Waruwu
    Lina Waruwu  8 hours ago +1

    I like,,theks you so much for dream sounds,..l hope this helps rilex😘😘😴

  • Izza Chen
    Izza Chen  2 days ago +1

    I wanna know where the background was taken? It's so beautiful 😭

  • mary kotsala
    mary kotsala  15 hours ago

    Amazing as always!!! I love your channel. Here i found what i was looking for

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha  2 days ago +1

    Steins;Gate... Kurisu... Itami. Kurushii. Demo, sekai wa owaranai.
    So long as I live in this world, there will be a way for me to see you again.
    No matter what form I take, I will always appear by your side. So, in your times of hardship and suffering, don't forget to reach out.

  • Ciciolil Moreno
    Ciciolil Moreno  10 hours ago

    Thanks a lot for sharing and thinking about others, even pets love it

  • Tuntematon Tyyppi

    One word to describe this masterpiece: Beautiful💖

  • Jeremy Naraine
    Jeremy Naraine  1 months ago +12

    💖❤ I love this wonderful piano music. Lovely background. Thank you dream sounds. ☺

  • taylor worthy
    taylor worthy  6 days ago +3

    Where is the original song for it’s all okay?

  • Pengarreg Cottages
    Pengarreg Cottages  28 days ago +3

    Absolutely mesmerising. I can't watch too long as I'm at work and I might drop off...!

  • neng unnie
    neng unnie  21 days ago +4

    It's very relaxing. I like the sound of nature combined with subtle piano music, plus the image is so magical.

  • Insanity!
    Insanity!  3 days ago +3

    honestly, imagine being there,
    cool night air with a slight chill. grass swaying and making that little swish we all know by heart, the full moon being the only light. It kinda makes me sad because i know i could never go there. Like when you daydream about all those fantastical worlds you've read about, or played in, or seen on the screen, it makes you want to go there and be a part of that world. Then you realize that no matter how much you long, you'll never be able to live the magical destiny you dream of. you'll forever be in this world of ours, where the real problem isn't a giant dragon but other people and their greed.
    But, just because you can't live in the fantasy you want doesn't mean you can't make the real world fantastical.
    you are special and unique, and remember all those romances you've seen unfold? And all those beautiful characters you've fallen in love with?
    guess what
    To someone, YOU are the beautiful person they are waiting for. Even if you fell in love and were sconed, don't worry, the hero always finds their someone in the end!
    Just keep marching for now, keep searching for your fantasy, keep looking for your someone.
    But for now, the best thing you can do is go to sleep, no adventurer should start their quest tired!
    I'll see you in the morning, Hero.


    Truly beautiful thank you (✷‿✷)

  • Charlie Jones
    Charlie Jones  20 hours ago

    Sweet dreams everyone❤🌌🌙

  • zoi feggarenia
    zoi feggarenia  3 days ago

    It's so beautiful so peaceful so relaxing i love it!

  • s a.rotjanakul
    s a.rotjanakul  3 days ago +1

    Thank you เพราะมาก ๆ

  • Zanubiah Khan
    Zanubiah Khan  5 days ago +2

    this is what i was searching for years even the songs make my headache

  • The Soul of Piano
    The Soul of Piano  1 months ago +4

    Good morning,
    Thank you very much for this precious and relaxing sharing.
    Evidently thumb up (the 111th)
    I wish you a nice week end.

  • Arabic music
    Arabic music  3 hours ago

    مرحبا يا قمر 👋
    الليلة أود أن أحكي معك قليلا من الوقت قبل الخلود للنوم أتعلم أمراً ما؟
    أشعر أن حياتي أصبحت ينقصها شيء ما؛
    لم أعد أضحك كسابق لم أعد أكلف نفسي عناء توضيح ولم أعد أشغل بالي بتفكير أساساً لم أعد أهتم بالماضي ولم يعد وجود بشر من حولي يعني لي شيء؛
    صرت فارغة من كل المشاعر من كل سعادة بقيت كجذع شجرة مجوف قطعه حطابةن و رموه لتنهشه الحشرات
    أنا صرت مية تماماً هذا ما حدث يا قمر إكتمل التحول الذي كنت أمر به و لم يلحظ أحد صيحات إستغاثتي الأخيرة ولا أحد
    حسنا لن أثقل عليك أكثر سأذهب لنوم أحلام مميز يا قمر ،وشكرا لإستماعك لي ،هذا عنا لي الكثير ...❤❤💓💓

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    Imagining the bliss and serenity of the person playing that piano...😍