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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 22, 2018
  • a random song laying around from the flower boy tour in febfilmed by luis panch perez


  • Eli Boyd
    Eli Boyd  a years ago +1901

    This would've been a perfect Earl feature.

  • Godzay Katana
    Godzay Katana  a years ago +1526

    dude evolved like a flower fam

  • Realtrillant
    Realtrillant  a years ago +795

    A$ap Rocky shoulda put Tyler in his new album

  • COSMIC666
    COSMIC666  a years ago +179

    how nobody notice this was all just to show off them GOLF x suicoke's?

  • Taco Franchise
    Taco Franchise  a years ago +90

    drop those golf sandals right now

  • Telic
    Telic  a years ago +791


    PEARL  a years ago +997

    "new n** from new york, ima give him sticky hands"
    best gay flex ever

  • Chris Mallett
    Chris Mallett  a years ago +642

    I’ve seen Tyler on many different occasions in Ladera and never even asked for a picture because of the fear that he would reject me and I’d hate him for it.

  • DOS Dreamz
    DOS Dreamz  a years ago +496

    so you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift

  • www.GPcarAudio.com
    www.GPcarAudio.com  a years ago +113


  • b_D_w_S
    b_D_w_S  a years ago +5099

    We need an entire album of his "random / throw away" songs !

  • Lucas Bicske
    Lucas Bicske  a years ago +70

    Tyler’s voice is perfect to rap and this beat is awesome

  • EM.x.FIVE
    EM.x.FIVE  a years ago +32

    Long time no see Ace, how you been where’s Tyler ?

  • AnTbEgAmInG97
    AnTbEgAmInG97  3 months ago +20

    What if he makes a longer version of 435 on the album 👀

  • LemonOVA
    LemonOVA  a years ago +1202

    “Sticky Fingers” ?
    When’s Jojo Part 5

  • Rodrick H Smokes Dank
    Rodrick H Smokes Dank  a years ago +3162

    Tyler will always be relevant

  • tseegan
    tseegan  a years ago +21

    He even thanks us after the song is over. God bless this truly man of culture...

    SPLY- FOREVER  3 months ago +55

    N*ggas selfish at the orgy!
    👇🏾 Press if you agree that’s bars 😱😱

    EL SCIENCE  a years ago +12

    this is what rap is supposed to sound like. vocabulary, flow, rhythm, and brain cells.

  • r.
    r.  a years ago +12

    Tyler is amazing. Glad Flower Boy gave him so much success, man deserves it.