Remembering Stonewall: On 50th Anniversary, Leaders of Uprising Look Back on Sparking LGBTQ Movement

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 28, 2019
  • Fifty years ago today, just after midnight, at 1:30 in the morning on June 28, 1969, New York City police officers raided a gay- and trans-friendly bar called the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village. As the police began dragging some of the patrons out, the community fought back, sparking three days of rioting. Their historic resistance launched the modern-day LGBTQ movement and became known as the Stonewall uprising. We hear the leaders of the Stonewall uprising in their own words, in a radio documentary produced by Dave Isay in 1989 called “Remembering Stonewall.”#DemocracyNowDemocracy Now! is an independent global news hour that airs on nearly 1,400 TV and radio stations Monday through Friday. Watch our livestream 8-9AM ET: https://democracynow.orgPlease consider supporting independent media by making a donation to Democracy Now! today: DEMOCRACY NOW! ONLINE:YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Daily Email Digest:


  • Conald-is-a Scourge-on-humanity

    "History is written by victors" Never even heard of this in 1969 or until a few years ago.

  • SpecialSP
    SpecialSP  1 months ago +17

    I'm not surprised that many of the comments here are anti-LGBTQ. And it's the same 3 people posting multiple comments.
    I do wonder though, why so many "straight" people, usually men, are so hung up on what other people do in their private lives? Maybe y'all could do with some counseling to figure out WHY you are so fixated on this.

  • Jen
    Jen  1 months ago +16

    Nobody is allowed to cut the freedom of another individual based on their sexual preferences,race or gender.

  • Mateus
    Mateus  1 months ago +8

    1:47 comunists were gay?

  • Kalin Dokis
    Kalin Dokis  1 months ago +5

    Thank you for sharing! Very beautiful story :)

  • Steven Yourke
    Steven Yourke  1 months ago +2

    I wish we had video of this incident. Drag queens mixing it up with the cops. Love it! Hysterical! There’s only so much people will take before they react.

  • Papi Elric
    Papi Elric  1 months ago +1

    Happy birthday from France.

  • Seamus Warren
    Seamus Warren  1 months ago

    The cop said "penal". 😱🕺🏻

  • Airborne Ranger
    Airborne Ranger  1 months ago

    The wages of sin is death spiritual death is it really worth losing you're eternal salvation for living in this sin? So sad so many souls lost ! :(

  • alyne Groovin oldskool 70's

    Best PRESIDENT Ever....He loves his Country

  • Two Spirit Native
    Two Spirit Native  1 months ago

    As American Indian Two Spirit i would like to make a public statement in response to World Pride NYC/ Stonewall 50 Thank you to Heritage of Pride for making sure our term " TWO SPIRIT"was in the Nyc Pride Guide and on the streets such as 5th Ave & Christopher St We would like to thank the AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT (AIM ) for their liberation movement for Two Spirit Pride we would like to thank the TWO SPIRIT INDIGENOUS PEOPLES ASSOCIATION (TSIPA) I'm proud & blessed to be with our sacred elders, medicine people & treaty council members working towards TRADITIONAL resistance & strategic methods on how to fight to protect the Sacred & Honor the Treaties to our water protectors @ Standing Rock in Cannonball, North Dakota April 1, 2016- Feb 21, 2017 in our opposition to Dakota Access pipe line, Key Stone XL l & STOP Kinder Morgan transmountain pipe line, Burnaby, B.C Canada or any oil pipe lines we will stop we will not be quiet.''

  • Laura Lafauve
    Laura Lafauve  1 months ago

    All that pent up rage. It had to come out.

  • Mohanraj Jk
    Mohanraj Jk  1 months ago

    When I look back at the LGBT+ and GLAAD movements in history, I always think of Harry Hay, Harvey Milk, David Thorstad, Alfred Kinsey and the like, who always placed sexual pleasure over every other vector of being. These guys are the true pioneers of this modern, progressive thinking that really push those boundaries right.
    It'll be soon where MAPs or pederasts come back into the fold of LGBT+, when they were asked to leave in the 90s following international recognition for the movement. For the top leaders of the movement, paedophiles are just another group who have been ostracized and misunderstood by society. And now that sexuality and it's importance to self identity is vaunted in society now, who is to say where the line should be drawn? I mean if gender is a spectrum, why wouldn't age be as well??
    But it's all good when sexuality and sexual rights are more important than anything else in people's lives. Cos sex really solves every social problem today as we progress!
    What a glorious age we live in, where everyone is free to fuck whoever they want! Pleasure is everything and woe be to anyone who threatens this right!!!

  • J L
    J L  1 months ago

    1:56 Did anyone else catch Jheri Faire saying they were 80 years old but started the lifestyle in 1948 when they were 39-40.. somethings not adding up here

  • pibbles2009
    pibbles2009  1 months ago +3

    “We wanted to be human beings”. Heartbreaking... No one should fear for their safety for just BEING. We still have a long way to go to protect our LGBT+ community’s HUMAN rights, ending violence and legal discrimination.

  • Platitudes You Can't Accept Design


  • Audio Pervert
    Audio Pervert  1 months ago +11

    The raids, dragging, shaming and violations continue, now in nations like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc...

    JEFF REY  1 months ago +7


  • J Tulley
    J Tulley  1 months ago

    Grace be with everyone of you , always , you are loved unconditionally and that grace and bravery has given me backbone as a straight woman that can never be taken away . The gorgeous Queens and LGBTQ Community if the Embers in Downtown POrtland Oregon was a stunning display of COURAGE every single time , courage burned to beauty , thank you all for walking that road before us , may you all pass safely under that rainbow , God Bless you all , everyone !

  • donna ford
    donna ford  1 months ago +1

    What people do in their own homes is no ones business.
    These people are NOT special, their requests & demands have become crazy, like flying their flag over our embassy's...smh
    Wish they would just move on with their lives & not try and push their choice on other people & kids.
    Just do your thing & leave us alone, the drama queen style is a bit much, move on already.