Trump Orders Assassination of Top Iranian General Soleimani | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 6, 2020
  • President Trump orders a fatal drone strike on top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, kicking off a domino effect of threats between the U.S. and Iran, and sparking backlash from Iraq. #TheDailyShow

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    0:38 💘💟💞
    19 december?

  • LeanMrfuzzles
    LeanMrfuzzles  8 hours ago

    The dude is a known terrorist and was an authorized target in an authorized war zone. Shut the fuck up.

  • Jazneo Gaming
    Jazneo Gaming  9 hours ago

    I think this all all military from USA should just Leave Let Iran destroy them self. If they get Crazy kill many people well there other country take them out near them. Never Help country they way living is War. Iran threat american they have to get cross ocean. even get close they be take out.

    Nothing can be save middle east if have murder for leaders

  • Jarrod F
    Jarrod F  15 hours ago

    He deserved to die he was a piece of shit! Killing thousands and now people are defending him lol rot in hell.

  • josilyn campbell
    josilyn campbell  16 hours ago

    There is ample evidence that the Iranians are actually quite appreciative that the US has taken out this terrorist that CNN has dubbed a "military leader". In fact, I find the spin CNN has put on this story so disturbing, that it reaks of dubious intentions. Iran can not afford a war with the US. The missiles Iran sent in retaliation of the terrorist being killed were declared before they were sent, and not even a single person died. The people of Iran don't like the regime; the new generation doesn't really care about what the elders call "honor". Yet, sounds like WW3? Not to mention, when CNN isn't talking nonstop about this portraying something that it isn't, they are listing annoying polls that are obviously hogwash like "51% of Americans want to impeach President Trump without going to trial." The tail is wagging the dog. Wake up, people.

  • Tshembonkuna03 Tshembonkuna03

    Trump is hungry for power

  • America Nation
    America Nation  yesterday

    So what!

  • Hedr Hedr
    Hedr Hedr  yesterday

    عندي مشكله بل ترجمه احد يفهمني شلون احصل الترجمه للعربيه

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt  yesterday

    Iran just obliterated some toilets at a US base, effectively causing constipation in the ranks. They did lose their top general after all.

  • Dead Parroting
    Dead Parroting  yesterday

    2:11 "...destroying cultural sites is probably a war crime." President Donald J. Trump ordered the assassination of General Soleimani, an Irani citizen, while not at war with Iraq, and on his own soil. How is this not a war crime? How has this not been added to the impeachment agenda? How is this psychopath still not in jail awaiting trial? This action, and the subsequent inaction, is the reason that "business as usual" is the worst business ever inflicted, not just on the U.S.A., but on the world at large.

  • Republic HQ
    Republic HQ  2 days ago

    He was a damn terrorist. Trump could make you all say cancer is misunderstood lol

  • Boston Bulldogs
    Boston Bulldogs  2 days ago +1

    Wake up liberals !

  • Melinyani Gobinca

    Trevor, I Love you as my home boy (South African) but you better start keeping your mouth shut about this. You do not know all that is involved. Every bodies lives and lively hood are at stake here including yours. There is more than meets the eye.

  • Hamed Teymourie
    Hamed Teymourie  2 days ago

    Trevor Noah you refrained to laugh expressly in this video of u despite others, as a way to show respect towards the military officials of another country . That is so tactful of you !

  • GLassy Can Art
    GLassy Can Art  3 days ago

    ONE WORD.... Blackwater...

  • noloferratus
    noloferratus  3 days ago +1

    Trump should stand trial for his war crimes and treason. Perhaps he is also guilty of doing espionage for Israel? Mossad still did 9/11.

  • Ryan Yoo
    Ryan Yoo  3 days ago +3

    its the US whos always blabbering away for world peace, and they're the ones who break it

  • Anna Moye
    Anna Moye  3 days ago

    This shit crazy

  • Jayde Martin
    Jayde Martin  3 days ago

    They burn our flag let them burn

  • Radovan Suchanek
    Radovan Suchanek  3 days ago

    Hey idiot, what funny is about this situation?!