People Like Jordan Peterson And Dave Rubin Are Terrified Of Honest Debate; We Aren't

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 11, 2018
  • In this Majority Report clip, we delve into another Jordan Peterson wormhole, while getting into a debate ourselves.

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  • Filia M
    Filia M  7 days ago

    "We are the ones that wanna choose, always wanna play but you never wanna lose."

  • Remy B
    Remy B  7 days ago

    Someone help me out, I don't follow these people enough to understand where these critiques are coming from, but from what I've seen of Peterson he isn't some white nationalist.... where is this all this coming from?

  • Jeremy Sanders
    Jeremy Sanders  7 days ago

    I’m now convinced that Sam is the dumbest guy in the room. They keep trying to show him the big picture and he’s stuck on identity politics when that’s only a tiny part of the overall problem and is a symptom of a much larger problem. The fundamental issue is, as always, our economic system. It encourages the “us vs them” mentality. Look at the age of Peterson’s fans. They’re all generally younger millennials, an age group that has relatively high unemployment, poverty and underemployment that is crippled with debt and can’t afford to move out of their parents’ homes. School is more competitive now than it has ever been and a degree has never been more useless. Housing, healthcare, transportation and education prices have all greatly outpaced inflation. Historically these issues are always economic. There’s generally more social harmony in societies that are well off economically and it gets worse as the economy deteriorates. You can pretty much see examples of this in every society throughout history that had a golden age and that declined or suffered from something like a major plague. Is racism and discrimination an inherent part of mankind? Absolutely, but the environment often determines how that gets expressed. It’s getting worse now because of the economic conditions many young people find themselves in, but it’s always been bad because of how competitive our system is. Not to mention that it crashes every 4-7 years.

  • Eileen B.
    Eileen B.  21 days ago

    Ngl the girl is really annoying

  • Andrew Maderer
    Andrew Maderer  a months ago

    Sam went through a divorce last year?

  • Amy Ill
    Amy Ill  a months ago

    I love it when they disagree. Adds some spice 🤣

  • Pete Strickland
    Pete Strickland  a months ago

    Stop clicking on this idiots podcasts. He is completely misrepresenting Dr Peterson. If you want to know the truth, listen to the man himself.

  • Ian McTigue
    Ian McTigue  a months ago

    Seder is a big enough asshole to suppress some otherwise important voices.

  • Brutus Tan
    Brutus Tan  a months ago

    IN YOUR DREAMS, they are afraid. You leftists have NOTHING but Cathy Newman style assumptions and control over narrative in echo chambers. That’s pretty laughable and pathetic you think THEY’RE afraid of you. Projection time a million more like. They use facts logic and reality. Unlike the left

  • whealler100
    whealler100  a months ago


  • Pidi Pecan
    Pidi Pecan  2 months ago

    Seder's pecan gallery is eating him alive! 😳

  • Brendan Keene
    Brendan Keene  2 months ago

    Guys love the show, but there are tons of JP “supporters” whom are strictly following him because of his “self-help” “self-improvement” stuff. I would even argue that more people probably support him for this kind of stuff than his “politics”

    Seems super intellectually lazy to cal them all white dudes in their 20’s...

  • Donald D'Eredita
    Donald D'Eredita  2 months ago

    You’ll call him out until he makes you famous and destroys you. His hands were opening not closing.

  • Noah
    Noah  2 months ago

    I don’t think Michael or Jamie understood Sam’s point at alllllllllll lmao. It’s not just economic anxiety, these people are more upset over black people being allowed to blare their music, people speaking Spanish in the grocery store, turning on the tv and not seeing 99% white people and storylines that reflect white, Christian values (edit: typed this right before he used the tv example lol, Jamie still couldn’t grasp). In this way it is a zero sum game. The more minorities are allowed and accepted into mainstream culture and the more their voices are heard, inevitably the less white the culture becomes, which is what they’re really upset about.

    Tl;dr: I think Sam’s point can be shown by the example that conservatives get more upset over people speaking Spanish than they do over Mexicans taking their jobs.

  • Jianju69
    Jianju69  2 months ago

    Jordan Peterson would demolish you in a debate. Your straw-men would blow away like tumbleweeds.

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob  2 months ago

    After listening to this 50x over the months. Wow is that a pointless argument. Also $am is right.

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob  2 months ago

    That joke by Micheal at the start is hilarious.

  • Camulus777
    Camulus777  2 months ago

    And yet none of you would ever debate them in a million years, or if you did you would not stand a chance in hell. The show here is based on what it claims in the majority yet its not, its mob mentality. Sheep following wolves.

  • dlc
    dlc  2 months ago

    I don't get Michael's concern with framing. It sounds like avoiding reality. Like saying Bernie should dance around and not explicitly say that taxes would increase in order to implement programs that would benefit society as a whole . Why sugarcoat it?

  • S HEAD
    S HEAD  3 months ago

    Not the LOSS, but the raising up of others. What is the w-man actually losing besides permission to treat others badly?