All Signs!! Weekly forecast!!😬👺😼

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 8, 2019


  • Honey Wolff
    Honey Wolff  1 months ago +334

    ♈️ Aries 1:10
    ♉️ Taurus 7:35
    ♊️ Gemini 12:12
    ♋️ Cancer 18:42
    ♌️ Leo 25:11
    ♍️ Virgo 30:54
    ♎️ Libra 36:10
    ♏️ Scorpio 43:08
    ♐️ Sagittarius 47:55
    ♑️ Capricorn 53:23
    ♒️ Aquarius 58:52
    ♓️ Pisces 1:04:08

  • Bella Notte
    Bella Notte  1 months ago +220

    Ended at 1:11:11 awesome 👍

  • Shewa Yasin
    Shewa Yasin  1 months ago +40

    ♍️we don’t have to finish the unfinished business... no more drama ANYMORE. Thanks

  • WildFire Tarot
    WildFire Tarot  1 months ago +19

    The "smoke smell" was the universe stalling you for whoever needed this video to be all 11's. 😊💚

  • Mary Lee
    Mary Lee  1 months ago +33

    Damn I missed it becaz I had to be an adult and i dont like being an adult...i just wana PLAYAYAYAYAYA!!

  • Donald Medor
    Donald Medor  1 months ago +13

    Lmao. Virgos are not stubborn. We just have dont like flaky people who expect us to forgive. 1, 2, 3, 4x. on the 5x not gonna fly...sorry. When we forgive we rarely forget.

  • Kristen B
    Kristen B  1 months ago +32

    ♏️ 44:10 Scorpiooo

  • Mel zky
    Mel zky  1 months ago +16

    As a libra....I Just broke up with an emotionally abusive bf of 3yrs like not even 5 hours ago...who just out of nowhere got physical....tonight....and i threw all his shit out and im done.....thankyou....your advice to leave this hell hole and be strong and get out of here really is spot in its unbeliveable.....we will be better off further all about me and not his manipulative demeanor... this libra is moving on and out....THANKYOU

  • Rajeswari Sen
    Rajeswari Sen  1 months ago +25

    25:18 Leooosss 😘😘

  • chrisa zou
    chrisa zou  1 months ago +9

    You are so hansom I can't concentrate! sorry, thanks for scorpio advice my friend❤

  • Kristine Milstead
    Kristine Milstead  1 months ago +9

    Aqua here! In a whiny voice "I don't like to wait....." However I'm taking the advice..

  • Toffee
    Toffee  1 months ago +6

    ♏️ Damn well said. I don't have to prove myself to anyone. Gotta leave it as it is. No more toxicity and abuse..

  • Nikki D
    Nikki D  1 months ago +5

    ♐️ You’re always on point!!! I do feel like my ex ♋️ is playing games.

    BELIEVE  1 months ago +4

    The length of your video is 1:11:11 crazy synchronicity!!!!❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌

  • Patty Mendoza
    Patty Mendoza  1 months ago +16

    Capricorn 53:21

  • Matthew Ross
    Matthew Ross  1 months ago +4

    I love how he says Saggi waggi ... lol
    & his voices haha .. new sub!

  • divinely inspired
    divinely inspired  1 months ago +2

    Rich. Virgo dealing with an Aries. I've been saying no. There's been mind games and manipulation with the offer. Offer ABCD and really offer AB. I could sense BS. My guides are letting me know, he's not coming forward truthfully and told me to stop. He fired bullets alright. lol. Pissed I didn't play his game. I love him and he is my soul, but he's not making the change and using cutting words, so I cut him off and blocked the communication. He's still in the energy of deception. He's begging me but its not honest.

  • Puppy Talk Consulting
    Puppy Talk Consulting  1 months ago +14

    Gemini, me, Aqua, him, said goodbye last night (we were married, remained best friends)...very sad

  • Kelly B
    Kelly B  1 months ago +1

    Anyone else notice the vid length? lol :)

  • Vid Cyrus
    Vid Cyrus  1 months ago +1

    U are funny man love the way u are reading the cards 😂😂😂