Copart Auction Reveal! We won Another one! $645

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 31, 2018
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  • Tow Daddy
    Tow Daddy  7 days ago

    I like it.

  • A Y
    A Y  14 days ago

    Volvo was reliable in the past. it goes up to a certain year and that is it. the old 850 I resume is from the old days so it is quite good. try any of the modern 2000 era volvos and you are in the pile of junk territory like the German brands.

  • Alesky Finis
    Alesky Finis  21 days ago

    Give sam gas’s from Aleskyfinis

  • Chris Newman
    Chris Newman  a months ago

    People love Volvo's esp the 8 series,I would ask 1895 and not take anything lower than 1500

  • Bruce Junker
    Bruce Junker  3 months ago

    Bro if there is one thing I've learned is "You can always Drop the Price" but you can never raise it once the buyer see's your asking price....

  • Russ Wray
    Russ Wray  4 months ago

    he's not telling the real cost , he just tell bid cost . note watch out copart will jack the cost up ,going out the door by hundreds or thousands of dollars . known cost before buying , watch out for fees this video maybe sale pitch for COPART

  • Apachurrale Produccion

    ah no wonder you all have it made in Ok you all don't need license to buy cars from Copart you all be fucked in Texas

  • Maximilian
    Maximilian  6 months ago

    That kind of car is a great one for newly licensed teenagers. Reliable, safe and you won't feel too bad if they total it.

  • Ticho Plays
    Ticho Plays  7 months ago

    give her a good detail in and out some oil changes make it running and that thing will deff sell for 1500$

  • Riaz Yusuf
    Riaz Yusuf  7 months ago

    what abt the goldish Merc next to it? a video mention walk around maybe? lol to be honest if its a s600 then wow dude that be so cool

  • ed markham
    ed markham  9 months ago

    It's a great Volvo. You can't go wrong with that purchase.

  • Robare Dunbar
    Robare Dunbar  9 months ago

    id love car as a work horse

  • Corvidae65
    Corvidae65  9 months ago

    As Dudley Moore said in that movie, "Volvo: They're boxy, but they're good!"

  • Danielle A
    Danielle A  9 months ago

    Hell yeah brother a good buy I bought a 2004 volvo v70 for 700 it's my everyday driver I've already put 50000 miles on the car

  • Denax12
    Denax12  9 months ago

    Im guesing a golf from the thumbnail

  • Lonny Fredrickson
    Lonny Fredrickson  9 months ago

    Nice car it's a volvo

  • joseph Evans
    joseph Evans  9 months ago

    This guy is a Buster

  • joseph Evans
    joseph Evans  9 months ago

    I can't stand guys like this they will buy a piece of junk put a patch on it and turn around and try to sell it for top dollar. like it's a good car when it's actually a car that he knows nothing about. this guy has been buying cars from copart for a while now and you mean to tell me that he's still buying pieces of shit like this Volvo. #getoutthegamn#itsnotforyou

  • Paul Johansson
    Paul Johansson  10 months ago

    It's a pocket rocket.

  • free zed
    free zed  10 months ago

    Volvo 4 Life, Volvo 850