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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 5, 2019
  • We had the opportunity to speak with the last ninja on earth, and learn about the rich history behind ninjutsu and what it takes to be a ninja.

    Special thanks to Kawakami Jinichi for sharing his story.
    Website ► https://ninja-official.com/?lang=en
    Ninja Academy ►https://nin-do.jp/en/

    Hiroko (Host)
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    Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/hirokotv

    Yuya (Videographer)
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    Facebook ► /YuyaFuPhotog...

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  • Corey j
    Corey j  an hour ago

    He looks like a ninja turtle

  • Robert 1980
    Robert 1980  2 hours ago

    Bearded axe
    So it was with the vikings. They could climb walls with bearded axe, it was sword, spear , axe and tool. And you don't need much iron for it. The leaf was pointed, you could hack, slash and stub with it, also use the flat side if needed
    A sword long bearded axe has half the weight of a sword. But of course you could make it longer and use it like a spear or (Bo) Staff.
    The leaf was hooked, so you could hook away shield and legs and climb walls
    Bearded axe is a tool that i like very much

  • kevin caballero
    kevin caballero  13 hours ago +1

    looks like an idiot and amazing at the same time. why though?!

  • Raymond Pan
    Raymond Pan  13 hours ago

    Ahh yes the chicken walk. Most deadly weapon of the ninjutsu arts.

  • Kid Bam
    Kid Bam  15 hours ago

    Gang signs

  • Last Prophet
    Last Prophet  22 hours ago

    hototo hoto moto uno tatakayini kotomoto kotomoto

  • Entertainment 101

    He looks barely 50

  • Go Pro
    Go Pro  yesterday +1

    7:53 "Because he thought you could keep secrets."
    And now he's doing an interview to reveal it to the world.

  • DJ Pzn.
    DJ Pzn.  yesterday

    What about Maasaki Hatsumi and all his senior students?

  • Remm Marsh
    Remm Marsh  yesterday

    This guy been playing to much tenchu on ps1 RIP brilliant game

  • ReP_ Unufri
    ReP_ Unufri  yesterday +1

    i can also do that 12:11 but without any pain does that make me special??

  • Chris Corona
    Chris Corona  yesterday +7

    Lady: Oh, these are scary.
    Ninja: Yeah, those are garden scissors...

  • Chris Corona
    Chris Corona  yesterday

    Now, when does he fly from tree to tree?!

  • cak pis
    cak pis  yesterday

    that girl look so familiar.. but where?

  • Well Xed Sackheem

    In America 2:17 This is called Gangjutsu

  • Well Xed Sackheem

    How is the last one and we got real American Ninjas who prove their rank on a tough obstacle that test your physical and visual prowess

  • Big Pump
    Big Pump  2 days ago

    This man has the most advanced gang signs

  • Shawn Jordan
    Shawn Jordan  2 days ago

    Last ninja hm

  • Jay Con
    Jay Con  2 days ago

    It was created by the Chinese and the Chinese words sound like ninja and means killer.

  • mecaga youtube
    mecaga youtube  2 days ago

    last ninja...without a dentist