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  • Published on:  Monday, December 3, 2018
  • Sorry kung na late yung 2nd day! sobrang busy po kasi sa workshops huhu pero eto na siya, sana mag enjoy kayoo. Finally met yoongi! HAHAHAHA i love y'all! STREAM MY DEBUT SINGLE “SORRY NOT SORRY, GOODBYE” ON SPOTIFY AND DOWNLOAD IT ON ITUNES, YOU CAN WATCH THE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO! other websites:Instagram/Twitter: miyaketakoyakiFacebook: officialisseymiyakepartoTik Tok: miyaketakoyakiFor Bussiness Only: =================================================DISCLAIMER: I do not own any music I used in this video. Credits to the owner.=================================================갑사합니다~! 사랑해요 이쎄이 아기!


  • Official IsseyMiyake Parto
    Official IsseyMiyake Parto  8 months ago +2153

    Ang daming na t-triggered dahil ginamit ko daw name ni yoongi to gain viewers? Hahaha, I’ve already said sa twitter na ka-look alike lang siya and FUN FACT. Army ako at Bias ko si yoongi. So if u don’t like watching my videos, u don’t have to. I’m making videos because it’s my hobby and to entertain people. To all co-armys na na triggered. Okay, I’m sorry. Iloveyou all ❤️

  • KimYeontan .KimFam
    KimYeontan .KimFam  8 months ago +370

    1.i understood only 5% of the whole video
    2.she is good at dancing tho
    3.that guy is far FAR away from suga cuz He just doesn’t look like it

  • Anyani Sot
    Anyani Sot  2 months ago +210

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I got clickbait
    And so did you

  • Luna NewYear
    Luna NewYear  2 months ago +136

    That’s not Yoongi. This is how I know he is not him
    1. He is too tall
    2. That’s not his smile
    3. That’s not his voice

  • Prysteena Abiena
    Prysteena Abiena  4 months ago +206

    I was sooo excited for suga but
    It's not him I just waited
    For nothing.

  • Home Sweet
    Home Sweet  2 months ago +155

    I was only and only here for yoongi but.. i see
    Nice clickbait
    Still boy pretty cute

  • SFPMadisonTV
    SFPMadisonTV  8 months ago +1781

    that’s not suga. it’s not his voice, and sure as hell not his smile. it’s not him.

  • Blue Unicorn Sparkle Channel

    sino nanonood nito ngayong 2019? Like kung nanonood kayo nga 2019! kung 2018 comment
    Edited:Thnx for 26 likes! My biggest likes i ever had😢😢

  • bangtan trash
    bangtan trash  4 months ago +182

    Nice clickbait
    But you know he was pretty cute anyway

  • Lyza Gale
    Lyza Gale  23 hours ago

    I love so much bts love youmy favorite 4 is jimin j hope tata

  • Kpop&Kdrama Is LIFE
    Kpop&Kdrama Is LIFE  2 months ago +47

    Omg did i just got clickbaited?🔰

  • Katie Espindola
    Katie Espindola  2 months ago +29

    Facts that is not min yoongi I love min yoongi and he is my bias and not his smile

  • kookoo .27
    kookoo .27  2 months ago +28

    The second she asked the dude to say Hi when she closed up to him i straight up said "that is not Yoongi, nice clickbait"

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook  4 months ago +36

    U can tell if it's our lil meow meow and that not him u can tell it in his height and his smile r not gummy smile and Yoongi have swag 💜💜 he is one of my bias

  • Sheila Dela torre

    I'm waited for nothing😂😂😂 pino forward forward ko para lng Makita si Yoongi pero natapos nlng ung vlowg wla pa dn ihhj na scam ako😂😂

  • Selina li
    Selina li  2 months ago +30

    Liarrrr that ain’t our lil meow meow🙄

  • Kai Chan
    Kai Chan  an hour ago

    You guys are so JUDGEMENTAL kung ayaw nyo ma clickbait edi wag kayo manood its just that SIMPLE

  • shcckymin
    shcckymin  2 months ago +21

    You just want a view that's why in the title you said you meet suga :v

  • Tum Pisey
    Tum Pisey  3 months ago +22

    I waited for the wrong person in a clickbate video on youtube in korea

  • kayoshini
    kayoshini  8 months ago +234