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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 2, 2019
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  • felicia fouta mbita
    felicia fouta mbita  a minute ago

    I love you dear Skai, but about your mother be carful.... without disrespect.

  • Lovely_Gem
    Lovely_Gem  44 minutes ago

    Ok so with all due respect... my first time to this channel. I came here to get a feel for Skai’s personality now that she has gotten older but I was unaware that this a house tour from her mom’s perspective which she completely overpowered. 4 minutes in and “Imma head out” ✌🏾

  • sandeline aristil
    sandeline aristil  an hour ago

    I'm wondering if it's her house or her mom's. I mean give the girl time to tlk about her house...

  • khyon cullum
    khyon cullum  2 hours ago


  • Ivy Dej
    Ivy Dej  4 hours ago

    Skai speaks
    Mom: I just wanted to say...

    Me: skips 19000secs

  • Ivy Dej
    Ivy Dej  4 hours ago

    Damn!! I got all the annoyance in the comment section raised to the power 3! No disrespect mom but this was disrespectful!

  • Tee Taylor
    Tee Taylor  4 hours ago

    The mom got on my last nerve and all I had was one dang slow down let baby girl shine a little bit you over talking her from the beginning to the end dang

  • Jackie Shaw
    Jackie Shaw  4 hours ago

    Mom you have a beautiful daughter and it is a blessing that she includes you in everything. But please let her shine sometimes by herself. Don't still her glory. Remember mom when she shines you automatically shine. And remember Mother and daughter continue to put God first in everything you do and say. God bless you guys

  • jahsenya harvey
    jahsenya harvey  5 hours ago

    Skai: This-
    Her mom: 🗣 🗣
    no hate tho🤣🌟

  • Danisha jernagin
    Danisha jernagin  7 hours ago

    I kant.

    RUTENDO RASHAMA  7 hours ago

    23:42 Skai was just tired of her Mom's interuptions. I do respect how she stayed so calm when her mom kept interrupting her through out the video .

  • Random Rams By Neo Rams

    Yoh this Mum tho 🤯🤦🏾‍♀️Why doesn’t create her own channel cos clearly 😳.


    I dnt know how u guys feel, but I think the house looks sad. Like the decorations doesn’t work for me, it’s not welcoming. I dnt like the decorations, very dull and sad

  • chimwifeu_ 10
    chimwifeu_ 10  10 hours ago

    LMAO I CANT— 🤣

  • John Mercy
    John Mercy  10 hours ago

    pls her mom should let talk , if my mum do this to me I will just live the video for her

  • Emma Tries
    Emma Tries  11 hours ago

    At this point , just switch spots lol Skai need to record the mom because 🙄

  • Neila Jae
    Neila Jae  12 hours ago

    I couldn’t even watch it lol

  • Precious Earth
    Precious Earth  12 hours ago +1

    Skai can you redo this video because your mom is annoying, and keeps talking over you, she’s mad annoying🤦🏽‍♀️

  • GoLDeN SeAiRRA
    GoLDeN SeAiRRA  13 hours ago

    Skai oh my gosh no disrespect but either you should’ve had someone else record you while you give the house tour or just put the camera on your mom cause she kept interrupting you every 5 seconds 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🙄😂

  • Shina Omisanya
    Shina Omisanya  14 hours ago

    We all know who Amy Duncan via "Good Luck Charlie" was based off of.😅