Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Dodge Hellcat Part 13

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 20, 2018
  • What do you do with a complete totaled car? Well, here at the goonzquad channel we bring them completely back to life. This 2017 Dodge Hellcat was once an all over damaged vehicle. Now it is getting closer to being back on the streets. Follow along this amazing journey and see what happens next! NEW T-SHIRTS!!! DISCOUNT CODE: (goonzquad)- PLUS MEALS- A Patron: CREDITS: MUSIC:


  • Giovanny Torres
    Giovanny Torres  11 months ago +180

    I love this channel!who else?

  • A S
    A S  11 months ago +158

    Hey guys. Seriously consider painting your garage floor before it gets oily and dirty. A painted surface will make it easier to clean up dirt and oil spills etc.

  • Kuemmerling Enthusiast
    Kuemmerling Enthusiast  11 months ago +280

    Who needs Top Gear and stuff like that when this brilliant channel exists!

  • Funny &Educational videos
    Funny &Educational videos  11 months ago +128

    Man this t shirt with golden official logo is fkn sick I need that t shirt badly 😪

  • gtpsleeper9
    gtpsleeper9  11 months ago +26

    I am here to support Thomas but the builds are cool too.

  • What's Happening Today Takacs Family

    I guarantee you there are Chrysler engineers watching this video and thinking, "that's right you see how easy they removed everything without breaking it...I designed that." I bet the engineering department makes these videos required watching. The manufacturers do watch these type of channels and re-evaluate product design. One of my buddies works for Chrysler as a design engineer up in Michigan and he said that they watch everything.

  • Cris Leal
    Cris Leal  11 months ago +15

    Would you guys be interested in doing a comparison video when the hellcats finished, like showing a before and after and then maybe telling us how much you spent total for it?

  • Uravian
    Uravian  11 months ago +14

    I'm betting they are gonna be at 500k before the month ends

  • Александр Фадеев

    Привет парни я Вас уже давно смотрю классный канал молодцы Я из Москвы

  • NorthStar Racing
    NorthStar Racing  11 months ago +1

    We use quick jacks for sprint car racing. I love them makes everything so much faster and easier to work on in the pits. Car is always jacked up before I even get out of the car😂

  • Ahmed Saleh
    Ahmed Saleh  11 months ago +1

    hay guys it will be amazing
    installation wide body package on Dodge Challenger

  • Elmer Hall
    Elmer Hall  11 months ago +1

    Dodge Viper or a Ram Cummins should be your next build. Mopar baby

  • xempt. one
    xempt. one  11 months ago +2

    Quickjacks are awesomr as a step up from trilley jacks. But you guys are gonna want a 2 post hoist asap once the sheds finished.

  • Peter Ramirez
    Peter Ramirez  11 months ago +59

    The sad moment when you see that the video is almost over already😥

  • Cory Raddysh
    Cory Raddysh  11 months ago +2

    Next please supercharge and widebody the mustang!!!👍 would be my favorite youtube channel if you did😉

  • Eddie Diederich
    Eddie Diederich  11 months ago +1

    Yo, that food really did look BOMB! Got me hungry now.

  • Drizzyboy101
    Drizzyboy101  11 months ago +1

    hey goozquad love the new merch :). and can u do a house tour pls

  • Darran Lambe
    Darran Lambe  11 months ago +1

    Guys as always great content and many congratulations on the new shop build ! Can’t wait to see it in action ! Best wishes from the UK 👍🇬🇧

  • Badouzo 15
    Badouzo 15  11 months ago +169

    Liking before watching cause I know it’s gonna be lit 🔥

  • Vanya Milisav
    Vanya Milisav  11 months ago +1

    Tbh I'm more excited for the garage build then the car build like if you agree