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  • default with 13 subs  (Dec 12, 2018))

    I bet the dislike are from peoples hands who cant see 10 dimensions

  • william njagi  (21 hours ago))

    Naw my hands can see 3 and I appreciate the effort of this video in the effort to learn English cuz it's a hard language to learn

  • sean shack  (6 days ago))

    +john yeah cause your suppose to feel the dough. you need measurements. Did you even pay attention

  • Click  (Sep 24, 2018))

    My math teacher told me you couldn't turn a circle into a square, this man did it.

  • Circles can be turned in to square to find its area

  • Juan Manuel LF juanm55  (Mar 10, 2019))

    in fact there is a very interesting mathematical problem called "square the circle" look it up.

  • A Hanlon  (Oct 1, 2018))

    Damn I'm too drunk to watch this... Better come back when I'm Soba

  • Almightyy Mustafa  (Mar 30, 2019))

    A Hanlon 😂 😂 😝 😆

  • R Kim  (Jun 2, 2018))

    Me before watching this vid: “Ooooooh!! I’m gonna make this!!”Me after: “Screw it; what was I thinking?”

  • ThatOneAsianBroChick  (3 days ago))

    Soba making is like making sushi in Japan. It takes years just to learn how to mix and knead the dough properly 😂.EDIT: Or just months, if you're the only one eating it

  • Roberto Sahagun  (Dec 30, 2018))

    Same here!!!

  • Hanna Maac  (Mar 22, 2018))


  • TheTruthPenguin  (Mar 17, 2019))

    +lava I'm sure he meant different angles. 10 fingers, 10 different points of contact and information

  • diynevala  (Jan 8, 2019))

    +lava consistensy and/or structure, temperature and friction (stickyness)? Not all measures of length, but dimensions in which the dough may vary..

  • If you watch a 20 min youtube video without checking the time ONCE, you know it's a quality video.

  • william njagi  (21 hours ago))

    I was getting my wheat flour out of my cabinet to cook with it but then he said buckwheat flour had no gluten and I was like oh shoot

  • akirebyrne  (Apr 1, 2019))

    I missed my Uber Eats delivery because I was so absorbed in this.

  • Patric Maloney  (Mar 24, 2019))

    You can't refrigerate these. They crack if they're not being worked. They crack if they're overworked. They have no gluten and take forever to assemble. Who invented these and why.

  • Because the flavour and texture is incredible.

  • Vicente Didier Edwards  (Jul 30, 2018))

    This has been without a doubt the best procrastination of my existence.

  • Sakura Matsui  (May 22, 2018))

    * closes eyes while mixing, attempting to make a tsunami*Opens eyes: WHERED THE FLOUR GO???

  • Danny William jacobsen  (Jan 6, 2019))


  • 詩人だ(^^!なんかすごいや

  • Enso _  (Mar 22, 2018))

    How to make soba noodles at home:*Step1:Train for 10 years in Japan*

  • Dylan Morgan  (Jan 5, 2019))

    +BombaJead what are you talking about? How can I be hypocritical when I haven’t attacked anything?

  • BombaJead  (Jan 5, 2019))

    +Dylan Morgan you call that respect? Hipocrite.