10 Massively Underrated Movies From The 2000s

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 10, 2017
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  • M Maida  1 years ago

    10: Moon9: The Life Aquatic8: I'm Not There7:Valhalla Rising6: Mary and Max5: The Guard4: The Fountain3: The Grey2: In Bruges1: The FallSaved you 8 minutes of awful music

  • Ernesto Hernandez  25 days ago


  • Augustus McGovern  1 months ago

    Ty sir! They didnt offer this most basic of offerings. Seriously, ffs?! Is it not common courtesy? At least that most basic of polite list giving I *actually* found in the comments from a stranger! Subscribe, undone. @@

  • Jia T.L.  8 months ago

    I’m a simple person. I saw Mads Mikkelsen on the thumbnail and I clicked.

  • 68404  1 months ago

    @Lawnman The Dane they used is pretty bloody good

  • ASAP CRACKER VEVO  1 years ago

    In bruges is hilarious and devastating at the same time.

  • Louis Brugnoni  1 months ago

    ASAP CRACKER VEVO In 2 words you described a great movie. Hilarious and devastating! The only word I would add is Original! It wasn’t a copy or remake or some recycled garbage! A movie that Hollywood is unfamiliar with. A lot easier apparently to put costumes on actors and add special effects!

  • Aaron Crowder  1 months ago

    The follow up 7 psychopaths is pretty good as well.

  • Jeff White  8 months ago

    Let the Right One In 2008. The original swedish version.

  • BassistBob  1 months ago

    Yes! brilliant, beautiful film.

  • ianA  11 months ago

    One Hour Photo....a real study into loneliness and the human psyche. Oddly enough, all the guy did before and after was basically music videos for top 40 artists, but I'll argue this film any day of the week. Incredible performance by Robin Williams. He was taking a lot of chances in that era for sure and showing his non-comedic range.

  • Kevin Michael  4 months ago

    @leslie graham I tend to agree with your critique. Always felt Robin Williams was a superior actor, but an average comedian, generally speaking.

  • Love Supreme  5 months ago

    RIP Robin Williams.

  • Brotherhood of the Wolf. It's French and has some beautiful visuals, likable characters, interesting plot, and great action.

  • Joshua Luckey  1 months ago

  • VanyarElf  2 months ago

    Yes, le pacte des loups

  • Phil DragonKing  10 hours ago

    whos the busty blonde in THE GUARD, need to know for research :)

  • M. Tayyab  8 months ago

    this comment section is actually more helping than the video itself LOL

  • Phone One  8 months ago

    Idiocracy best documentrie

  • Inquisitive Cameron  1 months ago

    @Louis Brugnoni we aren't heading into Idiocracy. That would be an improvement. Proof?We don't give people the jobs based on their intelligence.The president in the movie is a man willing to admit his faults and hand the reigns over to someone competent, ours is not and would not. And when's the last time you got a BJ at Starbucks?I _wish_ we were in Idiocracy, things would at least only be able to go up.

  • Louis Brugnoni  3 months ago

    Phone One Dude that is a documentary! Everyone is getting stupider! Especially in our government! I’d rather have the President in Idiocracy than the one we have now!

  • C  8 months ago

    Brendon Gleeson really might be a top 5 actor of all time.