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    • Brian Gonzalez
      Brian Gonzalez  4 days ago

      De 10 esos temas.muy buen sonido👍

    • Darla Nunn
      Darla Nunn  5 days ago

      Music Express LIKE

    • Jimmy Bishop
      Jimmy Bishop  13 days ago +1


    • TheMikeyShow
      TheMikeyShow  20 days ago

      thank you i just found a channel i can just hit play with no commercial adds it helps when driving n working

    • RAIGO holic
      RAIGO holic  24 days ago

      Hi, please make a time stamp!!! Please!!! TuT

  • Spicy Meatball
    Spicy Meatball  4 hours ago

    remember cant wait to get home from school, hang out with friends, fly kite on sunny windy days, race paper boats when it rains..listening to these songs with my older cousins, watching our pretty girls in the neighborhood, ride bike all day, climbing trees, slingshots..i was a kid...that was sure fine fun times for me..and then i do homework and housechores..

  • Gifted Cortez
    Gifted Cortez  6 hours ago

    Im 59 year old i love old music 70 80 is great to heard than now mellennium no way.

  • richard hack
    richard hack  6 hours ago

    music is generational ,relax ,all music is good for the soul!!!

  • Lyndon Richards
    Lyndon Richards  7 hours ago

    The 70,s what an era, first loves, amazing music, not a care in the world, wishing great times could last forever, but time doesn’t wait for no one, But even in 2019 when I think back a Big smile makes me feel proud that I was part of it all, 😁👌

  • Jean Girard
    Jean Girard  21 hours ago

    The Best Dancing TIME ! Thank you the 70s !

  • Jean Girard
    Jean Girard  21 hours ago

    Merci Seigneur pour ces belles annees musicales avant que le SIDA (AIDS) vienne nous tuer l Amour !

  • Grady Warren
    Grady Warren  yesterday

    Can't say these are the Greatest. But art is subjective. Some are good for sure. Some not that great.

  • Paul Madsen
    Paul Madsen  2 days ago

    The best music for any chore in life.

  • Coleman Adamson
    Coleman Adamson  2 days ago

    Too many mediocre choices.

  • Norman Lamotte
    Norman Lamotte  3 days ago +2

    My life time

  • Jen Castro
    Jen Castro  3 days ago

    Easy listening. My ears and my mind is so freaking relaxed every time I listen to 70’s, 80’s and 90’s songs. Unlike todays’ music, my mind and my ears goes on stressed and confused mode listening to them garbage and loud obnoxious songs.

  • Ralphie_Boy
    Ralphie_Boy  3 days ago

    *Brings me back to my hay day living in the Bronx, thanks for these uploads!*

  • Connie Bottoms
    Connie Bottoms  3 days ago

    Man this brings back memories of good friends and 8 tracks

  • Renee Moulder
    Renee Moulder  3 days ago

    The 70s were the best days of music. I love your selections

  • Shauna Rock
    Shauna Rock  3 days ago

    no it's not

  • Stezo max
    Stezo max  3 days ago

    America "a horse with no name" music that touches the soul

  • Rich Rockefeller
    Rich Rockefeller  4 days ago

    08:45 The next 25 seconds will be the best in your life.

    GILLES BEJAR  4 days ago

    We used to go to our corny ass middle school dances and dance to this music 🎶- Now I’m 54 and and I dance around my living room with a bottle of wine in one hand and a cigar in another 😎

  • Sonali De
    Sonali De  4 days ago

    so touching