How 156 years of British rule shaped Hong Kong

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 18, 2018
  • Hong Kong has British DNA.
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    Even though Britain gave Hong Kong back to China 21 years ago, today when you walk around the city you can see British fingerprints everywhere. From statues of Queen Victoria to double decker buses, British culture and lifestyle is baked into the culture at every turn.

    Both the history and the current-day British influence are visually fascinating stories and in this episode I show it all -- exploring Britain’s imperial history, which includes opioid trade, discrimination and a divided city, and then showing the effects of that history, resulting in a city that is unlike any I’ve visited.

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  • Blade
    Blade  2 hours ago

    "Im in china" No your not

  • Scolar Visari
    Scolar Visari  yesterday +1

    Here after Hong kong wants to be with Britian over China.

  • J T
    J T  yesterday

    We wanted to keep you, Hong Kong!.

  • J T
    J T  yesterday

    Dude, you're american...
    We shaped your culture also, you're welcome.

  • xiao che
    xiao che  2 days ago +1

    hongkong had a freedom of speech etc. thats why hingkong citizen dont want to be a part of china anymore

  • Lord Krusos
    Lord Krusos  3 days ago

    But the question is, should have Hong Kong gone to the People's Republic of China or the Republic of China(who actually succeeded the Qing government who signed that agreement with the UK)
    Really people need to understand the transition of governments and not call a past government by the modern state that currently exists.
    The country of the Qing is who the British took Hong Kong from, led by a Manchu minority who conquered the region 2 centuries before.

  • Francis Kueh
    Francis Kueh  5 days ago

    I dont want to be a yellow banana. Not interested in anything british. Better i write in mandarin

  • Francis Kueh
    Francis Kueh  5 days ago +2

    Shame on you English. This is why i left uk.

  • NicholsZiegler
    NicholsZiegler  5 days ago +1

    Nothing last forever not even british rule. UK shoud have granted HK citizens full citizenship.

  • Frosty Phoenix
    Frosty Phoenix  5 days ago +4

    Hong Kong and Taiwan.. The better versions of China.

  • 大脚趾
    大脚趾  6 days ago +1


  • peonia chan
    peonia chan  6 days ago +1

    This makes me so sad. Hong Kong will never be the same.

  • Raiden TANG
    Raiden TANG  6 days ago

    he has my last name :D

  • Daytrader008
    Daytrader008  7 days ago +1

    The evil shameless British robbed Hong Kong from China because of the notorious OPIUM WAR. Britain was the biggest evil drug lord making it's fortune by sending drugs to poison the people of other nation at that time !   Shame on you !!!

  • Daytrader008
    Daytrader008  7 days ago +1

    There is never democracy in Hong Kong under the British dictator rule all those years. The Hong Kong governor was always appointed from Britain without consulting the Hong Kong citizen, not to mention billions stolen from the Hong Kong treasury by the evil shameless greedy British invader !

  • Irene Adler
    Irene Adler  7 days ago +2

    Hong Kong is not china

  • cici XX
    cici XX  7 days ago +1


  • MeEncantaKiley
    MeEncantaKiley  7 days ago

    Music too loud

  • nvm0
    nvm0  7 days ago

    tea with milk?? The British have really weird taste

  • wasabiimenace
    wasabiimenace  7 days ago

    Hilarious how Britain gets away with everything 🤣. They really are the worst