Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Corvette Z06 Part 2

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 22, 2018
  • A lot of times some things don't go as planned! Let every mistake or setback be a lesson learned to help you grow. With this 2017 Corvette Z06, this is a whole different ball game. However I am happy to share every part of this process with you guys! Thanks for watching!!!


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  • Leek 2x  (Jul 22, 2018))

    I hate when the videos end 😤

  • Jake Shen vlogs  (Jul 22, 2018))

    Leek & Tay 2x yea same especially when you’ve wanted 3 days for it😢

  • UMAIR KHAN  (Jul 22, 2018))


  • Daniel Tamuno  (Jul 22, 2018))

    Almost oem 👌‼️

  • rtxrt73  (Jul 22, 2018))

    Awesome! Definitely almost OEM 🤘🤘👍👍

  • scracer24c  (Jul 22, 2018))

    I forgot to mention I would hire BOTH of you fellas! We own the largest Collision Center in the area and you guys are good at what you do. You both would be great to manage a shop, being personable goes a long way! Remember That... 👍

  • khaled s  (Nov 16, 2018))

    georgeEPC uh-ah i believe you buddy i sure do. and i suppose that the fact you're calling these hard working guys clowns really shows how educated you are,right Mr. top feeder ? actually the fact that you're looking down on people tells me all i need to know about you so no thank you there's nothing else i want to know 🖕🏻

  • khaled s  (Nov 16, 2018))

    georgeEPC jealous of that 600+ aren't we ? and let me ask you this how many car frames you've worked on? i bet you don't even know how to change a tire plus they paid for this car and they can do whatever the fuck they want with it . you dumb CLOWN

  • Wxvy  (Jul 22, 2018))

    We need a shirt that says Almost OEM 😂

  • Richard Denson  (Dec 19, 2018))

    I'm down with this lol

  • Dormaton  (Jul 23, 2018))

    oh wait. yee they already have one. what do you think how long the delivery to germany will take? cant wait xD

  • OC Run  (Jul 23, 2018))

    Thomas is looking almost OEM. Nice looking welds too.

  • Ulises Valdivia  (Jul 22, 2018))

    How much was spent in total with all repairs and car for the mustang?

  • goonzquad  (Jul 22, 2018))

    Ulises Valdivia will make a video soon

  • Hilton  (Jul 23, 2018))

    Heeeey, there's Thomas! My boy! 😉😁

  • Charlie B  (Jul 22, 2018))

    I wish I could ship my wrecked 84 Monte Carlo SS to you guys to fix,

  • Richard Denson  (Dec 19, 2018))

    That my my favourite G body hands down!

  • Ryan Goodloe  (Jul 26, 2018))

    semi auto hey man I watch your videos it doesn't look that bad if it's for sale what's the asking price

  • Elijah Saverson  (Jul 22, 2018))

    I still freaking love this channel

  • k2  (Jul 22, 2018))

    One of few channels actually worth watching. Goonzquad made such a huge progress from the Jeep project - recording-wise; being themselves unfettered, taking joy and fun from everything they do. They think, they try, they learn, they grow, and i hope their channel will also grow big just as they did. Best guys ever, wish them all the best.

  • William Rosamond  (Jul 22, 2018))

    I do too. Maybe I will pay them rebuild my dream car that somebody tboned me in😂