Newt Gingrich: Dems will 'rue the day' they started impeachment dance

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 26, 2019
  • Former House speaker and Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich reacts to the Navy secretary's firing over the Eddie Gallagher case, impeachment, Michael Bloomberg's 2020 bid and more on 'Fox & Friends.'

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  • Sherrie Abraham
    Sherrie Abraham  14 days ago

    Keep Newt on as much as you can. He is a calm voice in the midst of our collective chaos

  • Knot political
    Knot political  21 days ago

    Trump understands that he can use hundreds of millions of US taxpayer dollars to bribe overseas leaders into corrupting our elections.
    After the senate acquits, the next president will understand it too.

  • Knot political
    Knot political  21 days ago

    All Gallagher's subordinates testified against him. They took big personal risks for justice. Trump is saying, "there is no room for ethical people in the Seal program when I'm running the show."

  • Sam Bassil
    Sam Bassil  1 months ago

    Newt you’re a treasure

  • Alison Denham
    Alison Denham  1 months ago +1

    "When we're in a war, we should feel free to stab POWs in the neck."

  • Alison Denham
    Alison Denham  1 months ago

    Says the genius who started the Clinton impeachment, costing himself his job and the GOP the House. Yeah, listen to him.

  • Rhsheeda Russell
    Rhsheeda Russell  1 months ago

    I’m Australian and I’m captivated. If Americans aren’t interested then that is very sad. At Least you have someone decent to vote for. The last 15 - 20 years we have had the most appalling choice of dipsticks.

  • Richard Frost
    Richard Frost  1 months ago

    I was a draftee in the Vietnam conflict. I agree that military discipline must be held to high standards. I will be voting for Trump. But, I do not think it’s either hobbling our troops or allow war crimes against obvious civilians. We can go right down the middle on this one.

  • badaboomrock
    badaboomrock  1 months ago

    When is he going to run for president if he ran I would vote for him after this election

  • andrew hager
    andrew hager  1 months ago

    Lawrence only said that as an attempt to save her own butt and it was a pitiful attempt.
    Trump returned a big part of the auto industry to Michigan and that will most likely win him MI.
    That and the whole dems have gone nutter butter bananas.
    I like Newt coming from a Wisco man.

  • Kirk Reynolds
    Kirk Reynolds  1 months ago

    Surprising Newt the Hoot would complain about a “public lynching” at Christmas when Gingy wished for the assasination of President Obama, which even in sick jest is a felony. Only people who put Gingrich on now is FOX. So very pathetic, a nothing man.

  • Gina Maria
    Gina Maria  1 months ago

    Absolutely 100 % stand by president Trump , you better believe he did the right thing ..... SHUT -UP kilmead !!!

  • Steve Bingham
    Steve Bingham  1 months ago

    George soros puppets

  • Woodsquatch
    Woodsquatch  1 months ago

    President Trump knows more about the Profession of Arms than all the flag officers serving today. And so do I. When you place the 'appearance of justice' before righteousness, you are wrong and always will be. And that is why President Trump gets it and these flag officers do not. Not too mention, President Trump is the top of the chain of command... what he says, goes, without question or hesitation. It's not a two-way street.

  • Glenn Abbott
    Glenn Abbott  1 months ago

    Trump should declare California a State in Rebellion.

  • Faris Hamarneh
    Faris Hamarneh  1 months ago +1

    “I am s firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.”
    Abraham Lincoln

  • Paul Lucas
    Paul Lucas  1 months ago

    Does anybody open their mouth anymore without first saying "look"...?

  • Mike Kano
    Mike Kano  1 months ago

    That Newt guy is a great guy it's crazy how all the Democrats act crazy and talk crazy and the other side seems like they're all intelligent what's going on here

  • Adeon55
    Adeon55  1 months ago

    RUE IT!!!

  • Jer F
    Jer F  1 months ago

    I'm active duty military and I agree with President Trump.