INCREDIBLY INGENIOUS Hidden Rooms and Secret Furniture

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019
  • Hi! This video is the list of INGENIOUS Hidden Rooms and Secret Furniture Compilation that we've collected to show you. Hope you like!

    You will watch;
    Pallet Wall Secret Door
    End Table with Hidden Gun and Secret Compartment
    SmartSafes A Better Way to Hide Your Valuables
    A Secret Hidden Door in Stone Wall
    CT Fine Furniture - Automaton Table
    Hidden table and chairs that lifting from the ground.
    Hidden Doors For Your Plumbing
    Homemade Remote Controlled Secret Door
    Bookcase with Secret Door
    Hidden Bookshelf - Secret Door
    Hidden Plasma TV mechanism
    AUGUSTO Italian Dynamic Closet
    Great Space Saving - Smart Furniture

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    ➤ Pallet wall secret door ☛
    ➤ End Table ☛
    ➤ SmartSafes ☛
    ➤ Hidden Door in Stone Wall ☛
    ➤ CT Fine Furniture ☛
    ➤ Hidden table and chairs ☛
    ➤ Hide Plumbing ☛
    ➤ Homemade Secret Door ☛
    ➤ Bookcase with Secret Door ☛
    ➤ Secret Bookcase Doors ☛
    ➤ Hidden Bookshelf - Secret Door ☛
    ➤ Hidden TV Panel ☛
    ➤ Augusto ☛

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  • Gayle McCulloch
    Gayle McCulloch  22 hours ago

    Best AND Worst Hack......4:10.
    Worst hack: The dining room table and chairs are hidden under the floor. Stupid, on so many levels.

    Best hack: The woman in the video is hiding another human being...inside her own body!!! Super stealth/genius level.

  • Robert Goodale
    Robert Goodale  23 hours ago

    "You put your weed in there".

  • pockeybear milk

    This couples have too many secrets

  • IR W
    IR W  yesterday

    yes, that noise is super-annoying - why didn't you just have a crying baby soundtrack & be done with it?

  • Ralph J Huntington

    the soundtrack is most annoying.

    AVOLITE  yesterday +1

    What's with the annoying computer music?

  • Ben Murphy
    Ben Murphy  2 days ago

    Well, they used to be hidden and secret........

  • Chan Dara
    Chan Dara  2 days ago


  • Mason Gilbert
    Mason Gilbert  2 days ago

    6:27 the obvious hinge barrels make this a real dumb "secret" door.
    What, this "genius" never heard of Soss hinges, invented in 1903??
    Typical YT lame horseshit, including the ass-sucking soundtrack

  • Hugo Brown
    Hugo Brown  2 days ago

    Sound track hideous

  • jimy blanc
    jimy blanc  2 days ago

    this music from hell just almost made me gay

  • Matthias Cerebri
    Matthias Cerebri  2 days ago

    Where can you buy them?

  • Prophetess Queen
    Prophetess Queen  3 days ago +1

    Honestly, what woman only has 8 articles of clothes. LOL😜

  • Heat Capp
    Heat Capp  3 days ago

    For a while there I was waiting for Mr Scotty to pop out with a drawer of dilithium crystals :)

  • Christian Renshaw

    bruh get rid the music

  • Draffter
    Draffter  4 days ago

    All burglars thank you.

  • kodokudeusotsuki
    kodokudeusotsuki  4 days ago +10

    I like how they all hide drugs, guns and money.

  • Orion Star
    Orion Star  5 days ago

    I feel like BATMAN!

  • maximanimo
    maximanimo  5 days ago

    5:36 'hidden door for your plumbing"
    Uhuh ! xD

  • cl4re4d4ms
    cl4re4d4ms  5 days ago

    Why would anyone want a gun?