Bias In Medicine: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 18, 2019
  • John Oliver discusses the roles that gender and racial bias can play in medical treatment.

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  • Hedda Axelsson
    Hedda Axelsson  44 minutes ago

    Who would sell the drugs they actually really need? Like who would hate themselves that much? Nobody does that. And if they do then I think someone needs to check their self esteem.

  • The Bitterman
    The Bitterman  2 hours ago

    Despite the traditional differences such as socioeconomic status, diet, and environment, researchers at Thomas Jefferson University found that African American have an more potent blood clotting factor then Caucasians. In the experiment, Bray et.Al. took blood samples from 154 subjects( 70 blacks and 84 whites) and tested the blood clotting affinity. They found that that Blacks blood clots faster because of the clotting agent PAR4.

  • Ayan Ray Baruah
    Ayan Ray Baruah  7 hours ago

    USA is like a Cake. It seems perfect and sexy from the outside and can easily tempt you but its only when you "Cut" the cake you understand what kind of Taste, Looks and Work goes down.

  • Plusmin cares
    Plusmin cares  10 hours ago

    Wanda Sykes = not funny

  • Aaron Janusch
    Aaron Janusch  13 hours ago

    It's so damn sad that kinda crap is STILL going on! Nice one, American't!

  • Caroline Howland
    Caroline Howland  17 hours ago

    John Oliver and his team always do a great job with their research. My one concern is the nursing textbook, which was referencing cultural (not racial) concerns over how people might communicate their pain. While race has nothing to do with pain scales, someone's cultural upbringing and experiences can very much change how they communicate to doctors. When I've seen these references in texts, they are attempting to tell healthcare professionals that a person's culture and / or religion will change their perception of pain and how they report it, perhaps giving a lower number when asked. Believing in stoicism or that pain must be endured will change how pain is reported.

  • Pete Bash
    Pete Bash  18 hours ago

    Perfectly reasonable to think that skin thickness may differ on average with different genetics... as does skin colour, hair, muscle composition, etc. Besides, the excerpts from these studies were not fairly represented by John - edited to help make his argument.

  • Capital L
    Capital L  22 hours ago +1


  • Mattlovesanime64

    That sacred number BS was in my nursing textbook too.

  • Youtube University

    Never study a "purer" form of X in order to understand X. Understandig X involves studying "impurities".

  • Gary Kelley
    Gary Kelley  2 days ago

    There's bias everywhere, sad it's in that profession as well. Even women can have bias against other women. When I was married my mother in law wouldn't listen to something my wife would say, I would repeat it almost exactly verbatim, and then she'd be like, "Oh..I see." In the medical field though way more serious, it makes me sad we're so backward.

  • 00Geeky00 00Goggles00

    16:30 Ohhhhh it's moments like this that make me remember that John is a father. Did anyone else see him tearing up? That hurts...

  • Melania Trump
    Melania Trump  2 days ago

    The reason for this bias is not patriarchy. Health pros are swimming in endless stream of hypochondriac females who go see them simply because they "like feel little icky" and they thereby learn to ignore women's health complaints. Men on the other hand generally do not visit doctors needlessly. Men ignore chronic pain for months thinking "its nothing serious", so when a man finally goes see a doctor, he most likely has a diagnosable condition.

  • HanadaMarie
    HanadaMarie  2 days ago

    This is too real. I hate going to the ER. Been for anaphylaxis and asthma attacks, which are diagnosed by doctors and I have prescribed medications for, and they told me I might have anxiety. They literally told me my throat closed up after eating something I was allergic to because I was having a panic attack. They still gave me steroids. A bit later I was having problems with asthma and I didn't respond well to my rescue inhaler (my heart would race and I would get jittery when regularly taking it), so my doctor told me on a Saturday to go in and get steroids. The ER doc said I was having a panic attack and that it wasn't asthma, they didn't give me steroids. I went into the doctor on Monday to them being furious at the said ER and I had to go through a whole treatment thing. They had to push my insurance to get me the more expensive inhaler that wouldn't make my heart race.
    To be honest, it fucked with my head so bad sometimes I still don't think I have asthma and wonder if I made up the allergies.

  • Aiwass L
    Aiwass L  2 days ago

    it is better to compare the statistics of deaths of black people with the statistics of deaths in Africa and not in countries of the 1st world. just saying. they are black after all.

  • Aiwass L
    Aiwass L  2 days ago

    retarded comedian. don't mess with medicine you got all wrong. dumb ass.

  • Andy T
    Andy T  2 days ago

    Advocate for yourself is the best advice ever. Doctors already THINK they know everything. If you don't understand what they are saying, MAKE them explain.

  • Flo morteforet
    Flo morteforet  3 days ago

    what about the bias in lastweektonight? my actual wife cries out lout laying on the floor for every minor injuries, she cries when she see a spider

  • Elaine Nguyen
    Elaine Nguyen  3 days ago

    the little bits at the end (ex. the one with larry here) are always so heavily referential that i wonder if the actors know what they're talking about when they record them lol. like does the production team give them a full segment script or something to read for context or...

  • Basil Odira
    Basil Odira  3 days ago

    Maybe Women are better off going to women Dr's just like Us black folks are more comfortable with black doctors. Problem is white men dominate