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  • Published on:  Friday, May 3, 2019
  • dreams do come true, I have always wanted to run over 2 cars. if only my neighbors felt the same as I did. needless to say they were less then pleased with my shenanigans. well lets share this video and help me make some $ so that things like this are worth it for me.....although this was a dream come true. the f450 is a beast...….FORD TOUGH

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    BERTRAND850  7 months ago +56

    And my neighbors think I’m bad

  • Tizzy Slimm
    Tizzy Slimm  yesterday

    Had to watch the ads , cuz yhu might need new suspension 🤣🤣🤣❤️

  • 99iwaena
    99iwaena  4 days ago

    This is fricken hilarious! Reminds me of myself and my neighborhood buddies growing up in the country, we did the worst, our neighbors was all good about it, only because we live about a quarter of a mile from anyone! LMAO!

  • carmichael moritz
    carmichael moritz  5 days ago +1

    so why did the one guy call the other guy a good girl . does he think hes tough or something ? say that to my face and loose the tongue :))

  • Kent Nauman
    Kent Nauman  7 days ago

    A lot of dumb asses in this world

  • AEG 3737
    AEG 3737  14 days ago +1

    Ever heard the saying business in the front and party in the back? Nothing wrong with having fun unless your fun lowers other peoples property values. You should clean your front yard up. Imagine how much the neighbors wouldnt care if did this shit but had the best looking house from the street haha.

  • Carmel Hanrahan
    Carmel Hanrahan  14 days ago

    I love the 6.4 diesel

  • Ian's piano est
    Ian's piano est  21 days ago

    I'm sorry for being a hater, but the level of idiotic waste is over the charts just leave your neghbors alone.

  • ymxctrails
    ymxctrails  21 days ago

    That Grand Am looked pretty clean paint wise.

  • Troy wellman
    Troy wellman  21 days ago

    1:32 wtf slow it down

  • Steven Bradford
    Steven Bradford  21 days ago

    What year is that blazer

  • Keith Broad
    Keith Broad  21 days ago +1

    Lol you guy's are awesome I'd love to come tear shit up with you guys loved the video lmao

  • Alonso Plasensia
    Alonso Plasensia  21 days ago

    Next time don't ugly your truck with that paint job

  • Howie Feltersnatch
    Howie Feltersnatch  21 days ago +1

    crushing the cars was fine, i would have no issue with it...but you live like fucking scumbags...look at your a pack of fucking savages

  • Mike Thibert
    Mike Thibert  21 days ago +2

    What a dump
    U live there?

  • Tyler Wells
    Tyler Wells  21 days ago

    He drives over his cars I shoot mine and try to blow them up

  • Leland Brown
    Leland Brown  a months ago +1

    This is a father who knows how to have fun with his kids

  • E.J. Proffitt
    E.J. Proffitt  a months ago

    That guy is a F……….well you understand. He’s probably NOT going to live there forever. This is America, you can do on your property what you wish. Looks like your facing a time to go in to the hog business. Good luck!!!

  • Kurt Davis
    Kurt Davis  a months ago

    "Oh my God, those guys are over there on their property having fun, let me call the police on them. They need to be as miserable as I am"

  • Peyton Broman
    Peyton Broman  a months ago

    My neighbors hate me