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  • Published on:  Friday, May 3, 2019
  • dreams do come true, I have always wanted to run over 2 cars. if only my neighbors felt the same as I did. needless to say they were less then pleased with my shenanigans. well lets share this video and help me make some $ so that things like this are worth it for me.....although this was a dream come true. the f450 is a beast...….FORD TOUGHfor 10% off entire order use promo code senditsteve of my turbo needs have been a joined effort with Huron Speedcheck them out for anything turbo related and for LS turbo kits of the corvette transmission and differential brace


    BERTRAND850  3 months ago +33

    And my neighbors think I’m bad

  • A Metz
    A Metz  3 months ago +66

    If your doing something fun and the cops don't show up, you didn't have as much fun as you could've 😂

  • Kevin Michalsky
    Kevin Michalsky  3 months ago +46

    Just leave your truck parked on top just for the hell of it

  • Chandler Powell
    Chandler Powell  3 months ago +40

    Steve: and we’ve had no problems with it
    Few videos ago the truck was broke down on side of the highway

  • B Pimpin
    B Pimpin  3 months ago +10

    To all u haters steve keeps his neighbour taxes lower if property value goes up so does land taxes ... good job steve helpin out your neighbours lmao

  • Robert Rutherford
    Robert Rutherford  3 months ago +24

    Its official. All the redneck " hold muh beer" " hey ya'll, watch this " originated in Pennsylvania.

  • megabyte22
    megabyte22  3 months ago +7

    Your on your own property, neighbors need to learn mind their business

  • Tammy Rosenwald
    Tammy Rosenwald  3 months ago +1

    Thumbs up for the cool dad sharing the experience with his kids great job this was awesome

  • Bounder With Chris
    Bounder With Chris  3 months ago +5

    This was a GREAT video man!! Your a stand up guy! God bless you and the kids!

  • Tight Budz
    Tight Budz  3 months ago +5

    I don't give many thumbs up... But i definitely gave u one this video.. Not only bc u ran over the cars but mostly bc ur putting forth a great effort getting that yard together n cleaned up! Im also really happy you took the kids for a ride over them also, those are the memories that they will never forget! Great job "dad"..!

  • KlipschHead281
    KlipschHead281  3 months ago +1

    That was a blast, that rear end landing was harsh!!

  • Krazi Philli
    Krazi Philli  3 months ago +1

    That is awesome, Ive always wanted to do that.....That being said, Im glad your not my neighbor.....bro! your bringing down property value with your junk yard! AWESOME VIDEO THO!

  • Michael Cuff
    Michael Cuff  3 months ago +3

    Yes! Sir! Those duallies will squash anything flat! Lol!

  • CP Steve Miller
    CP Steve Miller  3 months ago +32

    Had to give a like for being a cool dad and sharing the experience with the kids! 👍

  • Kevin Neves
    Kevin Neves  3 months ago +9

    this video was amazing bro i had a big smile to and you have no idea how happy i am your cleaning up your yard my offer still stands to come out and frame you up a garage or shop my labour and tools for free

  • s c
    s c  3 months ago +1

    Fred sandford gots a big shiny truck Lol

  • Elvis Stone
    Elvis Stone  3 months ago +2

    Your lucky you're not My neighbor I'd blame you for everything I did too My wife 😁

  • Hollywood Hustlng
    Hollywood Hustlng  3 months ago +27

    Your property,do what you want to!this is America land of the Free😉people need to mind their own business and stay in their own lanes.Ps Steve,Good for you!!!!!!Live Life Bro

  • Chase Larson
    Chase Larson  3 months ago +3

    Love this kind of content keep it up!

  • Dylan Matherne
    Dylan Matherne  3 months ago +4

    That f450 is insane. I love it!