The Dead Don't Die reviewed by Mark Kermode

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 12, 2019
  • Mark Kermode reviews The Dead Don’t Die. A group of survivors struggle to fight back hordes of the undead as a zombie apocalypse comes to the peaceful town of Centerville.

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  • Edwin Goodson -Piper
    Edwin Goodson -Piper  7 days ago +1

    Seemed like a film to give washed up actors a job.. Very bad, boring unfunny etc

  • Dat Meme
    Dat Meme  14 days ago

    This film is actually an unintentional meta-commentary on our society. It shows how prominent echo chambers are in all segments of society. In this case it's how people including A list actors have convinced themselves that Jim Jarmusch is brilliant. If you don't like his movies it's because you don't get his "style". It's like a Hans Christian Andersen story run amok. Everyone knows this film is crap, but some people think it makes them look smart if they claim to "get it". These insiders reinforce each other, but meanwhile we all know they're really naked.

  • molesticles
    molesticles  1 months ago

    I didn't get it.... I loved Paterson and this one didn't make any sense to to me. It's easily the worst movie I've seen this year. I was forcing myself to look at it from as many different angles as possible..... It's complete and utter shite. It's not even funny. I suppose, that in and of itself is an accomplishment.

  • Oyster Boy
    Oyster Boy  3 months ago +1

    Total disappointment. Great cast, dreadful script... almost complete rubbish. 🙁

  • paul dyson
    paul dyson  3 months ago +2

    do not waste your time watching this dirge

  • theotheoth
    theotheoth  3 months ago +1

    i used to think JJ was close to genius. i'm now done with him.

  • Stefen B. Echols
    Stefen B. Echols  4 months ago

    Had to be a Trump hat lmao. They just can't help themselves. Sad really.

  • Ryan Hatcher
    Ryan Hatcher  4 months ago +2

    I feel like the director went 'don't act. just stand mostly still and say the words in the script.'

  • freespeechisdead isdead

    This is like the 3rd Zombie movie blaming fracking for the zombie apocalypse. I thought it was very slow and 'meta' (super inside). The movie even makes fun of itself at least 3 different times by saying 'they've read the script' or 'this is the theme song'. The movie moves so slow with no pay off during the slow parts and no pay off at the end. It was not worth even one viewing. The cast was spectacular of course, but the script was just.....yuck. It's this super hipster/meta/inside garbage. By the time the movie was over I thought, "I wonder who wrote this script? A wild animal? Or several wild animals?"

  • Heroes Zeros
    Heroes Zeros  4 months ago +4

    Awful film.
    Slow, up its own ass.
    Trying too hard to be a Wes Anderson movie.
    Love the cast, terrible movie.

  • Mclovin 2018
    Mclovin 2018  5 months ago +1

    2 things i didnt like. You liked most of the characters. And they went slap happy killing everyone. Then the ending Uggg.

  • Tim Beam
    Tim Beam  5 months ago

    By far the WORST ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER!!!!

  • Kal- El
    Kal- El  5 months ago +6

    Although I enjoyed the movie, it did kind of feel like a director making a movie just for something to do.

  • sapphiro
    sapphiro  5 months ago +2

    Tilda Swinton character is crucial to understanding the movie's message. No one seems to get it at all. Everything she does (yes even the end scene with her) is fully intentional and brilliantly constructed main character.

  • Glen Manby
    Glen Manby  5 months ago

    I think Jarmusch is basically saying with this social satire, that with entertainment being so base and diluted, with nobody seemingly trying, all of us happy to ingest short clips and rehashed garbage, he is like "OK, I won't try either then". If he purposefully made it a mess for that reason, then I think it was a resounding success.

  • Matt Lacy
    Matt Lacy  5 months ago +9

    To find 7 minutes of things to talk about in this is a great skill. A good old turkey of a film

  • Jonathan T
    Jonathan T  6 months ago +1

    It didn’t bring anything new to the zombie film. The consumers are zombies, the humans are the ants running around etc etc. Felt like a nihilistic get out clause of a film at times. The juvenile prisoner scenes were good and should’ve been given more screen time to develop a kind of next gen vs old gen storyline but instead we get a pointless Tom Waits character wandering in a woods talking in metaphors and tutting to himself about humanity while the three prisoners story was dropped completely with no ending.

  • Malcolm Middleton
    Malcolm Middleton  6 months ago +8

    Oh... I thought it was an Iggy Pop biopic! 😆

  • arronplanet
    arronplanet  6 months ago +1

    Great name for a Bond movie.

  • Rattlehead
    Rattlehead  6 months ago

    This film seems to be spewing out lefty loons progressive propaganda. Yaawn.