I’m Getting A Divorce?!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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  • Ashley Medrano
    Ashley Medrano  8 months ago +378

    Alex looks like old Alex before he was dating Lauren

  • Jade B
    Jade B  8 months ago +973

    I felt like majority of those descriptions fit ariana grande, alex's celebrity crush😂

  • The Padowano Family
    The Padowano Family  8 months ago +347

    Is it just me or is Alex and Lauren acting different ever since the break-up

  • Val Martí
    Val Martí  3 months ago +60

    It is Caeli !!! I'm sure !! Shi is not Asian but she has been livin in Japan ....

  • Nini 2000
    Nini 2000  8 months ago +317

    Funny+brunette+has been blonde+fan of Alex’s work+part Asian = L.A.U.R.E.N.

  • Vampyrate13
    Vampyrate13  8 months ago +186

    People obviously don’t pay attention. His ‘twin flame’ is NOT Lauren. They said he hasn’t met her yet 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • dawn Aj
    dawn Aj  8 months ago +96

    11:47 aww I think he was thinking about Lauren.
    Dude Alex you are awsome honestly

  • Jodi Williams
    Jodi Williams  8 months ago +175

    don't hate but honestly that sounds like he just described Lauren

  • Maddie Carney
    Maddie Carney  8 months ago +1202

    Literally fits Lauren’s description almost perfectly... i-

  • sigh x christina
    sigh x christina  8 months ago +193

    is it just me tho or did this girl seem like lauren ----?

  • Vickie Alexander
    Vickie Alexander  8 months ago +82

    Alex with all due respect, and all due respect to the twins. Only God knows your future. If you Believe in God and trust Him in every area of your life, He will direct you on a path that you'll never regret. The Bible says, He only wants the best for us, He knows us better then we'll every know ourselfs. There is someone very special out there for you, Trust God and Believe !!

  • Hammie Tube Gaming
    Hammie Tube Gaming  8 months ago +43

    I feel like Lauren made Alex a better man

  • Sam Hoff
    Sam Hoff  8 months ago +125

    Ummmmm Alex’s “soul mate” description sounds a lot like Lauren. Brunette. Has been blonde. Half Asian, YouTube. She’s acted. “Escape the night”
    She danced with dtrix. Shes humorous. So uhhhhh explain that...

  • Tisha hunter
    Tisha hunter  8 months ago +467

    10 years down the line lets rewatch this video!!!!👌🗣👍
    Thanks for all the likes👍🤗

  • Pans cabalce
    Pans cabalce  8 months ago +46

    I hope that person that the twins say you will have kids and get married with is Lauren 😔I miss laurex

  • Dianara Mercado
    Dianara Mercado  8 months ago +99

    Okay so like 14:20 describes explains Lauren!!! 🤔. I bet he knows he is describing her 😂. Like if you agree!!! 👍

  • Phoenix Eclips
    Phoenix Eclips  8 months ago +9


  • Brittany Delcid
    Brittany Delcid  8 months ago +37

    I wonder how Lauren is going to react to this. Alex, you should show this to her

    ROBERTS SISTERS  8 months ago +372

    ariana grande omg

  • Emily Velasco
    Emily Velasco  2 months ago +3

    “In a couple of years” lol 5 months later ... 👍🏼😂