Michael Jordan-LeBron James debate between Jalen Rose and Jay Williams turns wild | Get Up! | ESPN

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 21, 2018
  • Things get wild as Jalen Rose and Jay Williams debate if Michael Jordan or LeBron James would win in a one-on-one game.

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  • Ted Josiah
    Ted Josiah  9 hours ago

    What does winning one on one mean anyway? Plenty of streetballers that can beat lebron or mj. Doesnt prove anything it's so irrelevant. People will just bring up anything to try and put lebum over the goat.

  • onlyhalfgood
    onlyhalfgood  15 hours ago

    jalen "kevin durant is too little vs mj" rose

  • onlyhalfgood
    onlyhalfgood  15 hours ago

    jalen rose is clueless "jordan was dominating the league when they had a celtics dynasty,lakers dynasty,the bad boy pistons" actually jordan did NOT win a ring when larry bird aka celtics was on the court NOT ONE RING. NOT ONE. he dominated NO ONE when bird was on the court. you all want to know when jordan won his first ring? when bird retired. FACTS.This fool had to wait till the celtics dynasty ended to win his first ring.

  • Michael Zen
    Michael Zen  yesterday

    Jordan played against a guy like Le Bron...his name was Karl Malone. This isn’t even an argument...

  • Nesly Leonvil
    Nesly Leonvil  yesterday

    Jay Williams is compromised ,he’s to close to Lebrun to say otherwise and low key on the pay roll.

  • Mizer Mustard
    Mizer Mustard  yesterday

    I’m never going to understand this debate, nor why it began. No player with only 3 NBA titles, should be considered the goat. And certainly no player with 5 title losses should be considered the goat. And last but not least, no player whom calls himself the goat, will ever truly be the goat. It takes a certain humbleness to be considered for greatness. And clearly Lebron lacks this, and many other things. And if you want to do the whole “stats comparison”...then I suggest you do ALL the stats, and not just focus on the ones that make your small case for Lebron. If you compare ALL the stats, plus the championship rings, Jordan destroys this debate, forever. Jordan is forever the goat. And Kobe is the second greatest. And I would also personally pick Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, over Lebron, forever, because they’re all real winners with the right winning attitude, whilst leading their teams, and not jumping ship to another team with more talent. Another one of many things Lebron lacks. Good for Lebron being the alleged “best” overall talent. But that can only get you so far. The game of basketball, and all sports, is not just physical. It’s mental and emotional also. Lebron cannot handle that last two elements. MJ forever, the greatest!

  • Tigerjuhhh
    Tigerjuhhh  yesterday

    Theres no debate here Jordan would torch anyone.
    The man was likely one of the best athlete ever in the NBA one of the most skilled if not the most skilled.
    I aint putting no money on Lebron vs Mike.
    Id put everything i own on Mike.

  • Tim Pittman
    Tim Pittman  2 days ago

    Once a dookie, always a dookie.

  • g323g
    g323g  2 days ago

    With Today’s rules I think Jordan would have been even more dominant

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business  3 days ago

    Honestly, unless LeBron had the ball first, he wouldn't score on MJ. LeBron isn't quicker than MJ.

  • Jayson Jose
    Jayson Jose  3 days ago

    i always wanted to see MJ giving a mans jam on LeBron. Just to stop this non sense debate.

  • Jayson Jose
    Jayson Jose  3 days ago

    this is how to reach MJ. STOP SWITCHING TEAMS. PROVE SOMETHING ON ONLY 1 TEAM. STAY THERE AND EARN CHAMPIONSHIPS! this is one reason lebron wouldnt be like mike. he always search for a Big 2 or Big 3. let it come to your team. dont pick.

  • Chris Iverson
    Chris Iverson  3 days ago

    Jason Lebron is to week minded

    BLACK CITY II  4 days ago

    mj didn't always had it either

  • FSG Rell
    FSG Rell  4 days ago

    Jay Williams destroyed this argument , Jalen points made were irrelevant in this one tbh

  • Behind The Line
    Behind The Line  5 days ago

    You know what it is fine for Lebron to be the third greatest of all time. That is pretty amazing considering where he came from.

  • Ronald Bartee
    Ronald Bartee  5 days ago

    Smh disrespect Jason William

  • Henry Pido
    Henry Pido  5 days ago +1


  • juanio
    juanio  6 days ago

    Jordan would have lebron eating his toenails, getting sedated before he even stepped on the court.

  • philly soldier
    philly soldier  6 days ago

    This idiot says L.B. was quicker than mike? Check this guy for drugs? Mike was a stud quick athlete.