What's on my original iPhone?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • How I got my original iPhone to work AND what's on it!
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  • Kennedy Poindexter

    I have an iPad that looks exactly like that it’s like one of the first iPads it doesn’t even have a camera

  • Magic Sisters
    Magic Sisters  2 days ago

    Your YouTube channel is older than me lol

  • MinecraftFanz
    MinecraftFanz  2 days ago

    What phone does she used before original iPhone ???

  • Alfred Stefanides

    hey Justine what is the name of the song used in the background?

  • Drew Boswell
    Drew Boswell  4 days ago

    I can't believe she paid $7,000 for it

  • Diamond Ranch
    Diamond Ranch  5 days ago

    The OG iphone had 128 mb of ram. Try running google on that

  • Matilde Jensen
    Matilde Jensen  6 days ago

    my first iphone was the iphone 3g ahahahha

  • Bashy Park
    Bashy Park  10 days ago +1

    Look at the YouTube icon

  • michael Nardone
    michael Nardone  10 days ago

    She is so fake

  • Mahima Rajan
    Mahima Rajan  11 days ago

    How many iPhones do you have??
    It’s a question not a hate comment

  • OneMan JAM
    OneMan JAM  13 days ago

    From my understanding doesn't have to have version 1.0 to be originally unopened? I would think that if 3.1.3 is already on it then it had to be opened at one point and resealed. I have no clue just my thoughts.

  • Nawnp MCPE
    Nawnp MCPE  14 days ago

    In all fairness, AT&T is the only US carrier that dropped 2g, so that is an exclusive issue, but ironic as AT&T was the only carrier that the original iPhone was made for.

  • Marc Stephenson
    Marc Stephenson  16 days ago


  • Carl Owens
    Carl Owens  17 days ago

    im from arkansas

  • Dr. Busy
    Dr. Busy  18 days ago

    FaceTime sucks after iOS 12 update

  • Caroline Gammon
    Caroline Gammon  18 days ago +1

    I dunno but when she put the clips in from 2007 she kinda looks like Carrie Underwood? I’m not sure that’s just the first thing I thought of when she showed them like if u agree!

    LOLOLOLOL  20 days ago

    I think she has adhd

  • Rosalba Rocha
    Rosalba Rocha  20 days ago

    2:28 filming with iPhone xsmax

  • Everything J
    Everything J  20 days ago

    "You never know who you will meet"will one night I heard a noise I went to the kitchen and cardi b was eating my froot loops and Pringles then she threw a potato at me 😐

  • SecretAgentJames
    SecretAgentJames  21 days ago

    Didn’t know you were as old as I am....